Marcus Patrick: From Soap Star to Stripper


TAKE IT ALL OFF — Industry lore says soap star Marcus Patrick was kicked off Days Of Our Lives after his revealing Playgirl spread. But rather than let his yearning to show off hinder things, he’s only continued taking his clothes off. There was that B. Scott “music video” (semi-NSFW). And now it appears he’s gone the full stripper route. As always when it comes to Patrick, it’s perhaps NSFW.

Photos: MSU

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  • Nick

    I would do anything…

  • Pragmatist

    Hey, that looks kinda like Micky’s! Did they reopen already?

  • cruiser

    I watch Days & remember this guy as Jett for a man of color(trying to be a politically polite as possible here)he is a greta looking guy. Unfortunately did not get a chance to see his layout in Playgirl(gonna have to see if I can find that)had to be HOT, considering the quality of men featured in Playgirl(in all their glory, if you know what I mean)I remember the first centerfold they did a guy by the name of I believe Howie Gordon was the first to show it at full attention! Since then…the rest they say is history. Check out an issue and you will see what I am talking about.

  • dvlaries

    Let’s have more morning goods that look like THIS.

  • jake

    big dick

  • Jeff

    These are actually old pictures from when Micky’s in West Hollywood was open. Although he still does this but mostly in straight places until Micky’s reopens of course.

  • alan brickman

    The man has always been hot!! nice!!

  • blake


    “for a man of color(trying to be a politically polite as possible here)he is a greta [sic]looking guy. ”

    Nice. You’ve just shown us how racist you are. Why did you even have to add the qualifier “for a man of color”?

    Sad. Very. Very. Very. Pathetic.

  • getreal

    @Jeff: Damn I missed seeing him! I live like 6 blocks from where Mickey’s used to be. And I agree more morning goods that look like this!!

  • cruiser

    Evidently these soap stars have something in their contract called a morals clause(how 1950’s)saying that they cannot do certain thingswhile they are under contract to the Studio.
    His spread in Playgirl is why he was “let go” from Days

  • cruiser

    @blake: How dare you call me racist, I am far from it, if I was a racist I would have used a far different term(and you know what that term is/would have been)just so you will not get your knickers in more of a twist than they already are how about this for an African-American man(the only reason I put it that way is my tatses run a little differently)just like yours do, for all anybody knows you like Aisian-American or Latin American what does it matter, it was complement or are you that thick that you can’t tell?!

  • cruiser

    @blake: Don’t get self-rightteous with me just because you are a self loathing blockheaded moron wh is willing to pass judgement on anyone who uses an “incorrect term” in your holier than thou world!!

  • Darth Paul

    @cruiser: Are you so thick that you can’t comprehend that attaching a qualifier like “for a man of color” to your admiration that you’re implicitly stating that men of color are a class apart from those of no-color? The implication says that most men of color aren’t attractive. You may not be racist, but you need some serious work on your semantics. Think about that before ranting contrived bs.

    @dvlaries: I support that TOTALLY.

  • jake

    @cruiser: check yourself. you’re not so much a racist, but you have some strange tendencies to segregate and categorize everyone. not everyone is like that. some people just see good looking people, without qualifiers. it really is so much easier that way.

  • Michael W.

    @dvlaries: I concur. There’s nothing wrong with the lightskinned Shemar Moore types.

  • moo

    @cruiser: You’ve got to admit though, it sounds racist. And people don’t like it. Fair enough if they want to pull you up on it. The gracious thing to do would be to admit you were wrong.

  • Nick

    Hmm, didn’t realize he’s also well hung…

  • cruiser

    @Darth Paul: that is not at all what I meant, it was not meant as a qualifier, it was just a term(even though it has not been used for some time), there was nothing prejudicial or bigoted or even the slightest bit racist about it it was just an innocent remark that someone took out of context & blew way out of proportion. It is the same as someone saying “for a Hispanic…, or for an Aisian…, or for a Native American…[which by the way I see these type of “qualifiers” in here frequently and nobody says anything]it was a harmless remark, if it will smooth everybody’s feathers I apologize for getting everyone’s Irish(again there’s a qualifier”or is that a racist, bigoted, predjudicial term)up pull in your claws ladies & get on with the rest of your pitiful lives.
    I did not mean to imply that African-American men are less attractive than any other.
    As far as semantics go who is the one splitting hairs here?!
    There does everyone feel better now? GROW UP!

  • jake

    @cruiser: I pity you.

  • cruiser

    @moo: My Dear, how many times have I seen similar remarks on this site and no one gets chewed for it, one lousy time & the whole world ends. Good god get a grip, if people would stop tryingto read between the lines and re-interpret a casual remark, things would not get so out of hand.

  • KB

    @ Cruiser:
    Why so defensive? You may not be a racist, but your statement could be considered to be… There is no reason to use a qualifier if you aren’t qualifying something. Doesn’t matter what race someone is, what you wrote is adding information to your compliment by saying it is an exception. No one knows you to judge you — you can only be judged by what you write here…and it reads as being narrow-minded if not offensive. Don’t be outraged if people are offended by what you write. If you are going to comment in a public forum, there will be consequences.

  • moo

    @cruiser: Well, you apologised, which is much more than most do on this site, so I think we can put this one to bed.

  • cruiser

    @moo: Agreed!

  • Giovanni

    Cruiser you’re kind of fighting a losing battle here – might be best to quit while you’re ahead. As someone who has spent most of his life hearing you’re ( ) for a ( ) guy (usually following “what are you?”) its pretty offensive even if not meant to be so. How could it not be?

    As for Marcus Patrick, if there has ever been a more smokin’ human I wish someone would show them to me. I love it when worlds collide with the end result being spectacular beauties like him.

  • cruiser

    @KB: Wouldn’t you be a little defensive if someone totally misconstrued your remarks?! I agree that there are going to be those whoe take things the “wrong way” in a public forum and that is their perogative, but to refer to someone as a racist that was uncalled for.

  • cruiser

    @Giovanni: As I stated origianlly I remember him from Days, I was surprised to learn later on that he had been let go because of “some revealing”(I believe was the term the story used)photos in a magazine, that was like last summer or somewhwere around that time. His character on Days was some sort of private investigator or I think he was with the Salem PD

  • Anon

    I’ve seen this dude perform, and he realy seems to enjoy what he does. It’s almost like he gets off on it. Very positive. Never phones it in. I think he is hot. These pics are old, and although I don’t know everywhere he dances, I’ve only ever seen him in gay clubs (FuBar, Circus, etc..)
    Now – as for all the hubbub above…Whoever said, “For a man of color, he’s a great looking guy” is a dillweed. I am a Blk guy, and I find that pretty pathetic and offensive. Is it odd that he is hot because he is Blk? If that’ snot what you meant, then sorry bud – that’s overwhelmingly how it came off.

  • Gurlene

    @cruiser: Ya think??? How outdated can these people really be? A moral clause? I mean really.

    Though I can’t say much. Paying to watch men take off their clothes is so last century for me. I stopped going to clubs like that when Giulliani put an end to touching the dancers back in the 90’s here in NYC. You can look and buy overpriced drinks all you want but can’t touch got to be a bit much for me. If I can’t touch, I don’t tip. Case closed. Discussion over.

  • hardmannyc

    The whole argument above shows why racial identity is so dumb in the first place. This guy is lighter than a lot of “Caucasians” I know. Why do we have to typify anybody? We’re all full of shit & piss inside anyway. Now let’s all sing “Kumbaya” and get back to ogling hot bodies in underwear.

  • Steve


    Do not let the posters get to you. I find people get more concerned with words than with the sentiment behind it.

    I think many people are particularly attracted to certain races(often times their own), so for those people to comment that this person is over the top hot is not racist but is just giving context to their sexual preferences. Sometimes it does not pay to be overly personal online.

  • Anon

    It’s been said that comments similiar to the hubbub above have been left unchallenged. That’s part of the problem. They need to be challenged – always. As I stated earlier – I’m Blk. I get the “Wow, you speak/dress well/f***/whatever for a Blk guy”. After a while, you kind of stop ‘playing’ the game, and you start to stand up for yourself. You can all go an sing Kumbaya all you want, I guys thats all the gays are good for anyway…See? Does that make you gays feel better? Sheesh – get a f**** clue.
    By the way, I was being sarcastic with ‘the gays’ comments fo those that didn’t get it – tah!

  • blake


    I didn’t misconstrue your remarks at all. Your remarks speak for themselves. Anyone who uses the qualifiers you did has some serious issues with race. A racist does not have to you use a racist epithets to be a racist any more than a homophobe has to use anti-gay word or phrase. Racism, sexism, and homophobia occur in both subtle and blatant forms.

    Your statement “for a person of color” is a common phrase that bigots often use in similar constructions about different minorities. For instance, “for a black person, he is very smart” or “for a woman, she is very business savvy” or “for a gay man, he is very honorable.” The basis of your statement is that there is something wrong about that person inherently because of his race (or racial phenotype).

    As Japhy noted today, Meg Whitman is homophobic not because she calls gays bad words but because she thinks of them as inherently less human than straights–specifically undeserving of marriage rights. I like Barack Obama but think he has a homophobic view of gays because he too does not believe gays should marry. Both Obama and Whitman have good qualities but that does not mean that I should let their homophobia slide.

    Get it?

  • cruiser

    @Steve: thank you for understanding. Now let’s get back to the business at hand(pun intended)of gawking at hot guys in their undies

  • jake

    @blake: well said. i like bigger minds. a small mind sure yaps a lot.

  • Anon

    Actually, I think I’m going to stick with Rod 2.0. He has a very efficient mix of national news effecting the GLBT community, and the ‘type’ of guys that the main hubbuber from above seems to want to categorize. And….the dudes are way hotter than any cookie cutter ‘hottie’ posted on here. Goodbye Qweerty – parting is such bitter sweet sorrow…

  • afrolito

    “For a man of color”…??

    Definetely the stupid racist statement of the day. As soon as I saw his picture, I knew some racist asshole would crawl out from under his rock, to spew stupidity. I figured it would be Michael W, although he chimed in for second place moron.

    As far as Marcus goes, he’s fucking HOT! He’s actually one of my myspace friends, and clearly loves showing his bod, and stripping for fans male and female. Yes, the dick is pretty big, and his posing completely nude (and erect) in Playgirl is what got him fired from Days of our Lives.

  • hardmannyc

    Afrolito: Since when did they ever show erect dicks in Playgirl? (I’m glad we’re back to important issues.)

  • Sebbe

    Didn’t playgirl go outta business, well the print version anyways? I thought I read there were only gonna be online as of 2009.

  • afrolito


    Marcus was certainly hard, and the images are a mere google click away.

    Hard dicks have been in Playgirl for years, and I don’t even follow it regularly.

  • alexander

    I’m so sure he misses his life living on a cold soap opera soundstage… wouldn’t you.

  • Cee

    @ Cruiser, you need to let it go. Your comment “for a man of color” is offensive. Stop trying to rationalize it.

    I think it’s funny Days of Our Lives is acting so self righteous. That soap went to hell a long time ago when they brought in demons and supernatural BS because the writers ran out of good story lines.

  • getreal

    @WHITE IS RIGHT: Now cruiser changing your name is going to help LOL.
    Just kidding. Signed someone really hot (for a person of color)

  • getreal

    (not) going to help ha-ha

  • sparkle obama

    these creeps talk like that on purpose & then they play the victim when they get called “racist”.
    these guys are playing dumb.

    hardmannyc said:
    >>The whole argument above shows why racial identity is so dumb in the first place. This guy is lighter than a lot of “Caucasians” I know. Why do we have to typify anybody? We’re all full of shit & piss inside anyway. Now let’s all sing “Kumbaya” and get back to ogling hot bodies in underwear.<<

    lady, honey— it’s not that simple, trust me.
    Black identity is not “dumb”.
    don’t be jealous!
    you gals have *got* to be playing dumb, like jessica simpson
    – only banally evil!
    …evilly banal?
    entyway, act like you know, b*tches!
    times have changed & so has the show.
    try to keep up, assholes!

  • Distingué Traces

    I kind of worry about this guy. Soap actor to stripper is not exactly an upward career trajectory. Is he okay?

  • Damon


    I hear that. I wish there were more quality blk and/or nonwhite lgbt blogs so I wouldn’t have to go through queerty, towleroad, joe my god, etc, everday.

  • Pragmatist


    I’ll step into the firing line and say that I don’t think his comment was *racist*; that is, I don’t think it crossed that political line that made it inconceivable to say in public. However, I do think it was a relatively tacky expression of a sensitive preference that Cruiser should have kept to himself, or at least stated much more carefully.

    The fact is, we’ve all got our preferences. I have really broad tastes, but even so I think the typical Caucasian guy is less attractive than the typical ___________ guy (where __________ is almost any other group out there). I’ve even thought to myself before, “Wow! He looks great for a white guy!” (I’m mostly Caucasian myself, btw.)

    The only problem with what Cruiser said — apart from being tone-deaf to the explosive character of racial generalizations — is that he seemed to imply that his own set of preferences were objective rather than unique to him. It’d be a bit like saying, “That painting is stunning for a watercolor” (implying that watercolor is an objectively less “stunning” medium). To some people, watercolor is the highest form of painting!

    I’m all for having sensitivity, even a degree of hypersensitivity, to how others may be offended by what one says. I’m also all for keeping one’s mouth shut when in doubt. But I don’t think it’s very helpful to slap powerful labels like “racist” when it isn’t really warranted.

  • Pragmatist

    @blake: Oops. Something I omitted from the last post. You wrote:

    “The basis of your statement is that there is something wrong about that person inherently because of his race (or racial phenotype).”

    I was going to say, this actually demonstrates the difference between an actual racist comment and the type of careless comment that Cruiser made. The real sting to a racist comment is that it implies (or states) that a person is inferior/superior in some comprehensive way because of his race, or at least in some way that really has nothing to do with race. When you say, “She’s dumb for an Asian girl” the obvious implication is that Asians are more intelligent than others. What makes it so outrageous is the implicit link between race and intelligence rather than the actual ordering itself.

    By contrast, Cruiser just implied that one group is more attractive than another. Again, not something to be said in polite company, but since race is a visually perceptible phenomenon, there’s no reason you couldn’t link it to the perception of beauty (though one hopes you’d recognize beauty is inherently subjective).

  • ConservativeRepublican

    Ah, just read Cruiser’s comment. I wondered why this post had so many replies. (I mean, the guy is hot, but lots of posts on here have hot guys and don’t get this many responses.)

  • geoff

    As someone who used to watch Days (I know, but I work nights), as far as I remember, this guy played Jett Carver. Was he really let go because of Playgirl? I figured it was because they put him in a crap storyline that had run it’s course. God, that show sucks.

  • Fred Walker

    @Pragmatist: We all know that our ethnic preferences are a result of or cultural experience, exposure and prejudice, may it be meliorative or pejorative. That sounds like something called…wait a second…I can’t remember…OH! Racism…Oups! What a bad word I said.

    People are scared of this word, but really, undermining it really blurs our comprehension of the problematic of racism. Cruiser isn’t called a Nazi or a Muslim conqueror, it’s just the racist tone of his comment that is pointed out.

    In any way racism can’t be acknowledge has a biological predisposition and mostly must not be acknowledge has benign opinion. It seems some people are trying to rationalize racism trough the cover of pragmatism.

    @Darrien: Brian Friedman & Matthew Wolfenden are hot.

  • Steve

    Fred, I would to some degree disagree with “our ethnic prefences being a result of our cultural experience, exposure and prejudice.” The next logical jump could be that our gender preferences are a result of our cultural experience, exposure and prejudice…something I completely disagree with. There are some things that are just hotwired into our being, and quite frankly I think that Cruiser’s comments are so overblown at this point it borders on the edge of lunacy.

    It seems as though people are so chomping at the bit to find some racial inuendo or racist tone in other comments(and not just in this post) just so they can condescend and belittle the poster. I think we all need to take a deep breath and relax. No one other than cruiser is drawn to one particular race more than another? And you are a racist because of that preference? I call bs.

    We all need to stop putting our own frame of reference on other people’s words. Ask for clarification and question the meaning, but to jump to racism at anything you disagree with is juvenille, and in my opinion more at the root of the issue of race relations in the world.

  • Fred Walker

    @Steve: “The next logical jump could be that our gender preferences are a result of our cultural experience, exposure and prejudice”

    I must say that this is fallacious and overrated argument. It’s seems that rather than accepting my argument has a logical explanation of our ethnic preferences, it’s preferable to choose mischaracterizing it into making it pair to sexual attraction which is of biological nature.

    We wouldn’t say to anyone: “Your beautiful…for a women.” If you may not find it sexist it’s at the least an highly awkward comment.

    I’m not overacting. I am not declaring war on Cruiser are any person how has pronounced ethnic preferences, I’m just saying let’s not fool ourselves; it is racism. Their is 19/20 century japanese burakumin racism, let’s cheat on the asian kid racism, I only want to get fucked by a machist arab man racism but in the end it’s all and still is racism. Let’s not be afraid to call out something racist because of it’s relative benignity in comparison of the Holocaust.

    When we are confronted to racism, belittleling it’s perpetrator is a normal reaction to the venomous physiological ramifications of racism.

    I’m saying it’s is normal, but not good, and these problems need to be confronted, not undermined and commented to a juvenile statement like “lol! chill out.” (Nobody literally said “chill out”)

    P.S. Sorry Steve, I’m not sure I understand the end of your comment: “to jump to racism at anything you disagree with is juvenile,and in my opinion more at the root of the issue of race relations in the world.” I don’t want to put word in your mouth, but are you saying that confronting racism is at the root of racism?

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Marcus Patrick is a STUD. I’ve had the pleasure of him being featured in my video, Dream with It’s on You Tube – search by Naked Guys and Nude Jocks

    Mike Andrews
    Sex @ Itunes

  • Steve

    Of course I am not saying confronting racism is at the root of racism. I am saying that the reason that race relations are so stalled is because there is this strange tendency overanalyze everything that is said, and force context onto the statement without taking a minute to understand the sentiment behind it.

    I am not afraid to call out racism in the face of real racism…but I am also not going to jump to call someone a racist becuase I may be offended by what they say. Being offended by a statement does not make it a racist statement nor the person delivering it a racist. If when questioned about it they do it again, it would make them insensitive at best. I find that most people get offended and then leap to extremes, and that is what I believe is the root of many issues regarding race. I say, or do, something, you get offended, assign it a racist label, resulting in completely and effectively halting any possibility of a rationale conversation and further pushing the wedge down between races.

    I do not accept your statement about ethnic preference. I understand what you are saying but I don’t buy into your statement. My argument is no more fallacious nor overrated as your own. And although you may be convinced that all things racial are learned and that all things sexual are biological I do not agree.

  • Steve

    And as an additional comment, I am only refering to the statement at hand in my second paragraph. There are times that statements are made and questioned and the sentiment behind it most certainly is racist…and at that point toss the racist label around at will.

  • cruiser

    @Distingué Traces: semms like a logical progression to me LOL!

  • Sam (the kid)

    Fred, said:

    “We all know that our ethnic preferences are a result of or cultural experience, exposure and prejudice, may it be meliorative or pejorative.”

    Steve, said:

    “And although you may be convinced that all things racial are learned and that all things sexual are biological I do not agree.”

    I don’t know about you guys but I don’t have any racial preferences, neither do most of my friends. Anyway, maybe it’s because we are kids of a post-civil rights era, but it does sound like maybe racial stuff is more of a environmental thing.

    Anyway back to this post main interest: Marcus Patrick is HOT!HOT!HOT! He’s like a taller version of that cutie in my quantum mechanics class. :P

  • hardmannyc

    sparkle obama: OOOH, your’e so jive.

  • Pragmatist

    @Fred Walker:

    Hi, Fred. You wrote: “We all know that our ethnic preferences are a result of or cultural experience, exposure and prejudice, may it be meliorative or pejorative.”

    I’m sorry, but prefacing a very controversial statement with “we all know” doesn’t make it true. In fact, I happen to disagree with it quite strongly.

    You seem to believe that having an aesthetic preference that tracks ethnicity can only be a reflection of some sort of latent ethnic prejudice. I don’t think there’s any justification for that conclusion. Aesthetic sensibilities are notoriously varied and unpredictable. Be it furniture styles or people’s faces, we like what we like because it triggers some random quirk in a far corner of our brains. (In the broadest sense you could say these preferences are influenced by cultural experiences, yes, but I think the link is too indirect to be tied to racism.)

    I’ll give you an example: I prefer dark-skinned men over light-skinned men in large part because I’m fixated on eyes and teeth. As it happens, a dark-skinned guy will have more apparent “sparkle” in both, because of the contrast between the whites of those areas and the dark tones of his skin and hair. I find that contrast captivating.

    Does this make me a racist? No, that’s silly. I don’t for one second think that light-skinned men are inferior people; I don’t even think they’re objectively less attractive. I just think they’re less exciting to me, on a personal, visual-appreciation level.

    I also prefer hardtop coupés over convertibles. It’s because I, perhaps uniquely, place a great emphasis on the continuity of a car’s curves. I think the prettiest cars are those that carry the illusion of having been carved from a single block of material. Convertibles, in my opinion, look too disjointed.

    What does this mean? Oh, you could stir up a bunch of pseudo-academic nonsense about how my dislike of convertibles reflects my dislike for people who drive convertibles, or of the “convertible lifestyle,” or of Southern California. But that’s silly. I think convertibles are great fun; I’d even own one myself a second car. I just don’t think they’re as pretty, that’s all.

    That sounds like something called…wait a second…I can’t remember…OH! Racism…Oups! What a bad word I said.”

  • jake

    Wow, race issues with gay people. I could speculate why, but oh man, the loaded can of worms….

  • Fred Walker

    @Pragmatist: No, not really. “Our ethnic preferences are a result of or cultural experience, exposure and prejudice, may it be meliorative or pejorative.” It’s not pseudo-academic nonsense, it’s the premise of how most people interact with their environment on the basis of race. It may sounds like I’m saying this with an angry fist, but not really, it’s common to our society. I’m asking to acknowledge it and not freak out being called a racist as if you were categorize has a nazi or an aboriginal nationalist. If called a racist just think twice about it and if you are not perpetrating anything actually racist, confront the accuser.

  • Pragmatist

    @Fred Walker: Sorry, I had a difficult time understanding the last message. Are you saying that most people, generally, interact with race in a way that goes deeper than visual recognition or aesthetic preferences? That when most people encounter other races, they have a set of assumptions and even biases based on it?

    If so, I agree! Racism is still prevalent in modern society, and in fact it’s quite a severe problem in the GLBT community specifically. (On this web site, I’ve documented some of the outlandishly offensive comments I’ve heard in West Hollywood bars, for example.)

    My point wasn’t to deny that racism exists. My point was explain that one’s personal aesthetic preferences and sexual attractions can correlate to race without being racially prejudiced. The reason for that is simple — aesthetic judgments are made in real-time; you like what you like when you see it. It doesn’t need to reflect assumptions or anything else because, ultimately, it’s a pretty shallow conclusion we’re talking about.

    Nevertheless, as I said above, people should try to exercise sensitivity and common sense. I think it’s OK to say “I’m not usually very attracted to XYZ.” I think it’s *NOT* OK to say, “XYZ is ugly.” See the difference? One acknowledges its subjectivity; the other purports to assert a universal “truth.”

  • Rob

    It’s pretty sad that we can’t have a thread with a black guy here without it becoming all about race. And it’s doubly sad when said guy is as smokin’ hot as Marcus Patrick

  • alan brickman

    the man is hot hot hot…

  • very hot (for a person of color)

    @Rob: I don’t think it has to be a bad thing. Someone wrote something that was offensive. I don’t think cruiser meant to be offensive he has probably said it before and people may have thought hmm.. but not been honest with him as people here were. Sometimes what we really think inadvertently comes out of our mouth. We have all stuck our foot in our mouths before. To say he is cute for a person of color is just not cool. He has a right to his opinion and to say what he wants but in the future when he says that at least he has the knowledge that it sounds racist whether he means it to or not. It’s not a big deal I think people were just trying to be helpful and there is no reason to be afraid of having a race discussion as long as everyone is being respectful. The moral of the story is think before you speak/write.

  • casey

    his body is super hot, but his face says Tweaker to me. I was a tweaker for more than 20 years and can spot one a mile away. or even 10 inches away.

  • getreal

    @casey: Congrats on getting sober you are an inspiration!

  • Mister C

    Whatever Madame Casey, The Man is fine. And since when you became a psychologist?

  • Pragmatist

    @casey: Dumb question: what’s a tweaker?

    Anyway, I’ll agree with you generally — he’s got an amazing build, but something about his face makes me uneasy. It’s got excellent proportions; I guess the problem is that he just looks so hardened and dangerous (and I mean the “I’ll fuck you and then stab you to death for the $100 in your wallet” kind of dangerous, not the “we’ll have TOO much fun” kind.)

  • moo

    @Pragmatist: A meth user.

  • Nick

    Wikpedia claims he’s engaged to a porn star. :(

  • rich

    rent the movie Descent he did last year with rosario dawson…he plays a bisexual DJ that rapes a male askin him to call him his bitch…

  • fredo777


  • Seven

    Dude is hotter than boiling Tabasco at high noon in July in New Orleans.

  • Swirly 1129

    Was at Micky’s in West Hollywood on Sunday night (May 10, 2009) and he was there dancing just as the pictures above show. He was very popular (just look closely at the pics).

    Micky’s re-opened on April 19th and has been very busy.


  • Dan

    He is totally hot! Hope he is uncut too. that would be a bonus

  • BW

    @ cruiser

    I know I’m a little late but that is probably one of the most racist things I’ve heard. That’s exactly the type of thing that a racist person says. Tell yourself whatever helps you sleep at night but for the record, you ARE a racist, prejudiced bigot.

  • AliJ

    @cruiser: Your comment is pretty racist actually. It’s not about using politically correct terms or whatever. It’s the fact that you said he was good looking for a man of color, implying that by default people of color aren’t good looking and you are surprised that this one is. I know that everyone has preferences. There have been people from certain races that I haven’t found attractive, but that’s not to say that everyone from that race is unattractive too. That’s generalizing which is wrong. There are hot people from every race. Maybe you just haven’t seen enough hot men of color, but believe me, there are plenty. Even if you’d never date them, you should be able to appreciate the beauty in every race. And if you can’t, maybe you are discriminatory.

    @Pragmatist: Like I said to cruiser, I know that people have preferences. I personally believe in the “don’t knock it til you’ve tried it” approach, but to each his own. It’s the fact that cruiser implied that black people are just generally unattractive, so if you do find an attractive one, it’s something to behold. I’m sorry but that is a completely backwards attitude. And whether he meant it that way or not, it could be seen as racist.

    ^^My two cents. But either way, Marcus Patrick is SEXY as hell.

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