Margaret Cho On Palin: Worse that 9/11

GayGay-Friendly Comedian Margaret Cho made some soon-to-be controversial remarks today about Sarah Palin, “I think [Palin] is the worst thing to happen to America since 9-11.” Cho cited Palin’s conservative views and her involvement with churches that practices gay reparative therapy. She also added that the VP Pick was meant to “appease disgruntled Hillary voters.”

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  • mark

    BRAVA Margaret

  • todd

    You can’t always count on Cho to state the obvious.

  • corrective_unconscious

    Palin is way, way ahead of Cho.

    Did Cho ever think to push abstinence education as a way to reduce the incidence of rape among teens?

    I rest my case.

  • Shawn

    Um, I hate to be nitpicky, but Cho is not gay. She’s married to a guy. “Gay-friendly” is more accurate.

  • Darth Paul

    @ No. 3- Rape amongst teens has nothing to do with sexual education, you assbooger, but with violence. Nice republican try, though.

  • Kid A

    I too, hate to be nitpicky, but Cho has been on the record as being bi.

  • rrgg

    Maybe Obama should have appeased them first.

    It could be a slam dunk election right now, but hubris is threatening a Democratic loss.

  • Jono

    Shawn – Margaret Cho is openly bisexual.

  • John

    I don’t think McCain can win…but we still need as many people as possible speaking the truth, harsh as it is, about Palin. She represents a threat to our liberty.

    The teflon president, Ronald Reagan, whom I remember from my childhood, could call people out on being impolite, to his advantage, but the current ilk of Republicans is no “Ronald Reagan”.

    Also, I liked Cho’s sitcom set in San Francisco. I didn’t think it was politically incorrect, and I’d wish she’d find her own voice instead of doing this Kathy Griffin (or is it Griffith?) imitation she’s on about now.

  • michael

    I love Margaret. Wife, Fag Hag extraordinaire, bi-sexual princess.
    And great speaker of truth.

  • corrective_unconscious

    >@ No. 3- Rape amongst teens has nothing to do with sexual education, you assbooger, but with violence. Nice republican try, though.

    That’s what makes the idea of abstinence education as a way to prevent rapes among teens an hilarious joke, genius. Just as abstinence education as a way to prevent pregnancies among teens is a somewhat less hilarious joke than mine.

    Perhaps I could have said, “abstinence education as a way to prevent unwanted rapes among teens.”

    With voters like you….

  • marco Channing

    Abstinence education is always the best, most effective way to go. Just ask Palin’s unwed teenage daughter.

  • corrective_unconscious

    Hey, the admirably slutty talibangelical with the hunky ice hockey boyfriend is named Bristol. Have a little respect.

    Unless there’s _another_ unwed, pregnant daughter in the Palin family we haven’t heard about yet….

  • MikeD

    Straight, bi or gay, Cho’s comment is unbelievably ignorant and demeaning to anyone who lived through 9/11. I don’t care how gay-friendly she is, that comment is wrong and sickening.

  • Olive Yurdich

    Charlie Altuna is cute.

  • Tom

    That picture is not Margaret Cho…and it is more sickening and demeaning that the Republicans use 9/11 as a campaign slogan.

  • Brian

    A couple of things. First of all, the headline says, “… worse that 9/11.” That doesn’t make sense. I assume you mean “worse than”? Good job, Queerty editors.

    Second, although I have little faith in media getting quotes right or in context, I am assuming that Margaret Cho said that Sarah Palin was “the worse thing to happen to America since 9-11” Setting aside further concerns of Queerty editorial inconsistency (choose a style, guys, 9/11 or 9-11), can we please note that Cho did NOT say that Palin was worse than 9/11; she said that Palin was the worst thing SINCE 9/11. Logically, that suggests that 9/11 was WORSE than Palin. Otherwise, Cho would have chosen a different benchmark, e.g., Palin is the worst thing to happen to America since the Vietnam War, since Prohibition, since Hayes stole the election.

    Had Cho said that, she would be implying that 9/11 was not as bad as Palin. But she citied 9/11 as a something-that-was-actually-worse standard.

    Point being, Queerty should change the headline. It’s irresponsible.

  • Brian

    Also, me and my missing period promise not to be editing-snarky for a week.

  • Cam

    Um, this might be nit-picking, but in the quote she said that Palin was the worst thing SINCE 9-11. Not that she was worse THAN 9-11

  • Tom

    Stop being morons. Sarah Palin may be an asshole, and she may belong to a church full of halfwits who still think you can shake the gay out of people. And that’s all pretty awful, don’t get me wrong. But comparing it to 3000 people being burned to death by jet fuel is, what we in the language arts might call, hyperbole. In fact, it’s stupid and god damn well offensive. Being gay shouldn’t preclude you from caring about innocent people dying. And money grubbing fashion-gays like Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin, yeah I know, they’re hilarious… the way they cash in on a gay oeuvre they have nothing to do with. Hey here’s a kooky idea, I’m a white comedian, I’m gonna start telling exclusively hilarious black jokes and get in good with the black community. They’ll love me, get it? Because I’m not one of them, but I TOTALLY understand them. Ugh. You don’t have to be a comedian to know Margaret Cho isn’t that funny. And you don’t have to be gay to know Sarah Palin’s bad business. But you also don’t have to be petty press-whore injecting unwanted exaggeration into a legit political debate.

  • bob

    So since people still rob banks we cant advocate abstinence from robbing banks? You guys have no logic.

  • Shawn

    Jono, she’s MARRIED to a GUY. That means she’s not “gay”, as the article originally indicated. Regardless of whether or not she’s “bi”, she’s not GAY. Gay-friendly is much more accurate.

    I only mentioned this because I think it’s important that gay-friendly people are highlighted for being supportive. It can show other hets that we’re not scary.

    As for her comments on Palin and 9/11, well there is a bit of hyperbole to them, I admit, but I do agree about McCain picking Palin in an attempt to win over the disgruntled Hillary voters. Why else would he have picked a women? And it also seems that he picked Palin to appeal to the fundies, otherwise he would have picked a woman with much more political and/or governing experience like Kay Bailey Hutchison or even that steel magnolia Elizabeth Dole.

  • corrective_unconscious

    >So since people still rob banks we cant advocate abstinence from robbing banks? You guys have no logic.

    Actually, there isn’t “abstinence education” regarding the robbing of banks, per se, as there is for teenagers fcking.

    We put bank robbers who get caught in jail after the fact, you talibangelical kook. Perhaps you’re suggesting we do the same with precious little slut, Bristol Palin….

  • Madam HoVery

    While you queens were nit picking I happened to glance at Jada Pinkett Smith on the side adertisement of this page for “The Women”. That bitch sure looks dikey! Sorry to be politically incorrect about the “bitch” part. Yeah right, bitch please! Anyways in response to some post I saw comapring Cho to that shrill voiced griffith or griffin–are you kidding me? Cho has been with us before any of us knew that hack griffith! Griffith went on the gay route because she is using us as a niche for her monetary gain. Wake up people–that bitch is with us for our money! She will turn on us the moment the money well runs dry! Look at the way she used Brooke Shields and her friendship to get a laugh! She is a back stabbing bitch! I know she does not have my back! Fuck, the bitch even used her trip to the soldier’s hospital as one of her episodes to make money–how crass! And those fake tears–bitch please!

  • Canadian MargChoFan

    Palin is a fundamentalist. Cho is a realist. Who would YOU rather determine your future.. Get a grip you morons. Palin is bad news

  • Canadian MargChoFan

    OH and you Yanks need to pick up the slack – Canada is WAAAAAAAAAY ahead of you in the Gay Rights Movement. 72% approval of homosexuality up here.. 48% down there? Thats off the wall.

  • Lee

    The only reality Cho recognizes is the reality she has created for herself.

    I just read a comment from Cho after she was on DWTS with Bristol Palin. Seems spending time with some conservatives has opened Cho’s eyes, that perhaps there are other views than hers which also have validity. She and Bristol became friends on the show.

    Seems Cho still has a lot to learn and experience.

  • Frank

    wow, how gulable are you all…this is nothing but a plug for Cho to push her career…much the way she used the dancing with the star show–it was obvious she went for laughs over taking the dancing part seriously–which is pretty hypicritical when you think that this all started because she accussed Bristol of doing the show to boost her mother’s carreer…lets face it guys…its all dumb media hype no matter how you look at it…I dont care about Cho or the Palin….its more of the same nonsense…the super rich putting garbage out there for us to hear while they laugh all the way to the bank at normal people buying magazines, looking at these sites and listening to thier so called news….make a real inteligent statement for once america….say so who gives a care!

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