Why?! Oh, God, Why?!

Margaret Cho Refuses To Cross Picket Line For Ellen

Margaret Cho and Ellen DeGeneres have been besties for years. The great writer’s strike of 2007/2008, however, has put a strain on their working relationship.

The power of visibility can never be underestimated. For this, [Ellen] will always be my hero. She gave us the ultimate gift, herself, her true self, and with that gift, she made us all proud to be who we are. That is why when she asked me to do her show I was absolutely thrilled. I love her show! Especially the dancing!!! But with the writers on strike, I am unable to do it.

This was a very difficult decision to make. I absolutely love Ellen, for a million reasons and for a very long time, but because of the way that I was raised, because my political views are they way they are, because I believe that workers should have the power and the ability to make their lives better, because many of my close friends are the ones picketing, I cannot cross the picket line.

Does the Writer’s Guild not see that their frivolous “fair pay” protests are destroying people’s lives? Not to mention the staggering amount of books in danger of being read. It’s madness!

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  • Meeg

    You go, Margaret Cho!

    And, really, shame on Ellen who was one of the first talk show hosts to cross the picket line.

  • Tintin Malfoy

    I’ve always thought Margaret was great. I’m impressed by her integrity.

  • GranDiva

    I’ll say it again: unfortunately, Ellen is in a very precarious position, since she’s a member of AFTRA and as such has a no-strike clause in her contract. As a member of WGA, Ellen can’t write any material for her show, but she has to show up for work as host or be sued for breaching her AFTRA contract.

    You notice that Cho doesn’t belittle Ellen for crossing the picket line, Margaret just chooses not to cross it herself.

  • Lauren

    What doesn’t seem right is that Margaret AGREED to be on the show after the strike had begun, and is now making this statement.

    That isn’t the best way to handle it.

  • rock

    Well Lauren, we don’t know when Ellen asked Margaret to do the show. Given that, it is possible that Ellen asked Margaret to do the show before the strike. If that is the case, then Margaret’s statement makes sense. If not, as you said, well then Margaret has better explaining to do.

  • gay as life

    Hasn’t everyone noticed that all the shows that crossed the picket lines SUCK hard right now? The Daily Show, usually one of my favorites, is currently flat and just not funny.

  • Mark Walsh

    There is absolutely no question that the writers strike is right on. Margaret did the right thing absolutely. Whether Degeneres is doing her best to support the right thing or not, seems uncertain. The spin from AFTRA is hypocritical , congratulating Degeneres for supporting the Guild. They have a long history of undercuting guild contracts. I don’t know how she really feels about belonging to a fascist orgabization i.e. did she think about the ramifications and if indeed AFTRA could harm her significantly. I don’t care about her but she was my mom’s heroine:( mom was a misplaced dyke), so I think well of her and hope she did the right thing as much as possible.

  • SteveS

    Writers in Hollywood get paid a lot more than the average citizen. I’m just not feeling their pain.

  • cheshire

    Lauren, You’re right. I noticed that Margaret was promoting her Ellen appearance for many weeks before she “decided” not to cross the picket line. I think she got some pressure that made her change her “political views.”

  • cheshire

    Also, Margaret had never been on Ellen. I saw them at a benefit recently and they looked anything BUT friendly. She was invited on after the strike began. I remember thinking, “probably because most people wouldn’t cross the picket line”.

    Explain the timing, Margaret! Why and when did you accept in the first place?

  • Lucky Pierre

    I’m with Steve. I was a journalist before I became a copywriter, and I’ve never made as much money as the photogs, designers, producers, etc. Unless you write a best seller (or lets face, get a gig writing for TV) there are not huge financial rewards. They should try living on what most other writers live on.

  • gay as life

    So the Hollywood writers are in a field where they can actually make a good amount of money, and they are supposed to suck it up because other writers don’t make much money? That’s bullshit logic. Many musicians make little to no money, but the ones who make best-selling music deserve the monetary rewards. They should give up money because other musicians don’t make a lot?

    I’m sorry if you don’t make a lot of money as a writer, but your jealousy is coloring your logic. If other people are making money off of the work of a writer, then that writer is entitled to get some of that income.

  • ProfessorVP

    Margaret Cho is a sell-out. She is a lesbian with a mortal fear of the L-word, always telling reporters who’d listen that she is a pan-sexual,
    or “just slutty” (as if that’s a promotion), then getting a conventional, acceptable straight marriage. Maybe so she can work for ABC/Disney again? At least Ellen really came out of the closet, not one foot out/one foot in.

  • ousslander

    What would Cho have to promote on Ellen’s show? Has someone actually hired her. I loved her when she was funny.
    As for Ellen getting back to work, she should let all the other people get fired because of some hacks. Like they should get more money for the crap the try to pass off as entertainment? She did the right thing. They are mostly just a bunch of hypocrites.

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