Margaret Cho’s Ballad of the Closeted Gay Mormons

5,000 gay hippies/fascists/anarchists/whatever marched on the Capitol building in Sacramento, California this weekend demanding equality. No on 8 leader Geoff Kors vowed “We will take this back to the ballot if we have to and get our rights back” and many, many inspirational speakers spoke, but who remembered what they said after Margaret Cho took to the stage, transformed into supergay Joan Baez and pulled out her acoustic guitar?

Though she didn’t announce the title of the song, based on the chorus, it seems it’s called “Shove Proposition 8 Up Your Ass” and in it, she says many terrible things about Mormons, their underwear, the sexuality of Jesus and all other sorts of of stuff which would be horribly offensive if it didn’t rhyme. But we’re not so stupid as to question a rhyming, singing Margaret Cho on an acoustic guitar. Sing it out, Louise.