Margaret Cho’s Giant Rainbow Dancing Dress For Gay Bullying Victims

Even though I cannot stand this Dancing With The Stars show, I do love Margaret Cho coming out in a rainbow-colored dress and dedicating her few spare moments of live television to “celebrate pride” and raise awareness about the “tough times in the gay community” with so many kids committing suicide.

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  • alan brickman

    Closet cases and women are the groups that do the most bullying…

  • Theo

    Love you Margaret :)

  • RomanHans

    Yes, “Dancing With the Stars” sucks. From the ridiculously low-cut gowns the hostess wears it should be called, “Everything But Nipple.” But I couldn’t have been more thrilled with Margaret Cho last night, who took every opportunity to say her dress and dance were for gay pride. She’s the opposite of Bristol Palin, and for the first time in my life I actually voted on a TV show.

  • Sceth

    It’ll be quite a statement for the cause should she be retained; obviously she won’t kept for the dancing alone.

  • Freddie

    She’s fabulous! She’s no Ginger Rogers, but that’s why I love her. A great antidote to the fake treacle of that Palinthing.

  • Hater

    Um…cho is not a star or cute or ladylike or anything! I cannot stand her! Vote her OFF.

  • RomanHans

    Yup, Hater, you’ve clearly got her beat in the “ladylike” department.

  • Sean

    Can you say “gay” on ABC at 8pm? I’m half surprised it wasn’t censored.

  • Hater

    I don’t know if you can say “gay” or not, but lets just hope that ABC will think twice about their next cast members and hopefully there will be no more chos, cloris’, or situations.

  • jason

    Oh, go away, Margaret Cho. You’re a silly girl who danced with a man in a heterosexual pairing on a popular TV show. You sent out a very poor message about subjugating one’s sexuality so as to appeal to the masses. You’re one of them now, girlie.

    Yet you have the gall to issue a few words about gay bullying. It jars, honey, it really does.

    In a nutshell, fuck off, Margaret.

  • Arkano18

    Go Margaret!

  • whatever

    @jason: I seriously hope you get AIDS + cancer + dengue fever + DIAF. Your trollery stopped being amusing like yesterday.

  • Rob

    I nearly died when she walked out in that dress. I knew it would be interesting, but unfortunately, I also had a hunch it would be her last dance. It wasn’t great to begin with, and they had to really skirt around the issue with words like “happiness” and “celebration” until the dance was over. At least she got the message out, and I love her even more for it.

  • Hater

    @jason: AWESOME. I am so glad there are people like you out there that are not scared in any way to type it like you feel! I love it! and ya fuck off margaret! As for that one douchebag that said he hopes you get aids…i hope you get into politics! ha!

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