Margaret Cho’s Worst On-Stage Moment


“I did a show in Louisiana, and they tried to boo me off stage. But I have this bad thing: if an audience doesn’t like me, I won’t leave the stage. I give them more and more. It lasted for an hour.”

Sexual politics: “I refer to myself as gay, but I am married to a man. Of course, I’ve had relationships with women, but my politics are more queer than my lifestyle.”

Always in fridge: “Mochi ice cream and Coke Zero.”


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  • Boy

    I love this bitch something fierce

  • Vada

    Best comedy stage show I’ve seen, by far. (and with Kelly, even better!)

  • atdleft

    I LOVE Margaret Cho! I’m making a mental note now to look for “The Cho Show” on iTunes. ;-)


    @atdleft: u can watch it for free on

  • fem in the city

    Margaret Cho is a phony who plays the gay audience like a fiddle. She is not gay, she is a bisexual who sleeps around while being married like every other bisexual. She is also a fool politically and is not funny at all anymore. All she does is b*tch and moan about the WHITE MAN and how this is A RACIST COUNTRY! That’s all she does is talk about what a racist country this is. Well then you know what Margaret? Go back to Korea where Kim Jong is NOT a racist? She should talk about how deranged Korea is because quite frankly Americans are tired of being called racists.

  • All Americans

    @fem in the city: Thank you for speaking on behalf of “all Americans.” We would have posted ourselves but we were all too exhausted from being called racists. Oh, by the way, Margaret Cho was born in San Francisco, California, unlike most of the gay men who live there (none of whom would take kindly to being told to “go back” to where they actually did come from).

  • Kid A

    @fem in the city: “She is not gay, she is a bisexual who sleeps around while being married like every other bisexual.”

    BAAAAWWWWWW! Sounds like a personal issue…

  • strumpetwindsock

    Sounds like my favourite driving strategy. Some hothead honks or rides my bumper? Slow right down and act reel stoopid.

    I did get a kick out of Cho’s commentary on Sarah Palin during the election.

  • Sarah R.

    @fem in the city: Are you a plant, a joke or just a moron? The only place Margaret Cho should “go back to” is San Francisco, where she’s from, dumbass.

    Also, there are two Koreas. Look into it.

  • Alex

    I dislike this woman with a passion. Calling “Disgrace” a 16 yo isn’t so fierce

  • A Friend

    Fem in the city –

    Your comment about “..a bisexual who sleeps around while being married like every other bisexual”… is degrading, hurtful and far from the truth.

    But then again, all city women are, aren’t they?
    Degrading, hurtful, back-stabbing gold-diggers who only think about shoes and having babies to make themselves feel better?

    Oh, I’m sorry, did I make a blanket generalization?

    I speak from experience.
    You? Uneducated, narrow minded perceptions.

  • Attmay

    Margaret Cho is to funny as Barry Manilow is to heavy metal.

    The only funny character on that sitcom she did was that fat grandmother who sat around all day and watched TV.

  • ousslander

    I was surprised I liked the Cho show because after five minutes of watching her last stand up special, I had to turn it off. It was boring anmd just plain unfunny.

  • fem in the city

    @All Americans: Margaret Cho is an irrelevant unfunny moron. I’ll be sure to keep my mouth shut like a woman is supposed to and never have an opinion to offend a gay. Who said anything about that fat pig being born in Korea? Her parents are off the boat and she is all about how wonderful it is to be Korean and how RACIST RACIST RACIST America is. So I say go the hell back to your ancestor. Get out of this RACIST country. In case lgbt forgot, this is still a free country. We are still allowed to speak. Or maybe should I go put my burka back on. Please!

  • fem in the city

    @Kid A: Huh? She’s a self professed slut. Take it up with that unfunny buffoon.

  • fem in the city

    @A Friend: Sure you would know more about that than I would. I have seen many tired gold digging queens who are actual prostitutes. Not sure what your point is other than to bash someone who has a different opinion that you? Is this China? Are people still allowed to have opinions? How old is someone who calls other people names because they have a different opinion on some moron celebrity? Good you’re pathetic. Punch yourself in the face.

  • fem in the city

    @Sarah R.: Awe looks like a slut has been offended. How easy the PC offend. Hi I’m PC … this is my middle name “Offended” … “Equal Rights for dumb unfunny sluts! NOW! We’re here we pigs get used to us!”

  • Robert, NYC

    I used to think her funny at one time. She once appeared in London and made a dumb comment on her return to the U.S. by saying how boring London is. What an idiot, London boring? Hardly, its one of the most culturally diverse, progressive societies in the western world with a government that’s done far more for gay rights than our own with a very vibrant cultural life and gay community. She is indeed a moron.

  • Alexa

    @fem in the city: a gay bigot is still a bigot and just as obnoxious as any other kind of bigot. People like you make me sick.

  • getreal

    @fem in the city: You have a right to your opinion and others have a right to comment. I have never been offended when Margret Cho told stories about people occasionally being racist to her things happen in this life and she chooses to laugh at unpleasant moments. I’m confused by your point of view you express an opinion get really angry when other people have an opinion and you are mad at Margret Cho for having an opinion? Strange. It doesn’t help your case that you are mad at her for daring to imply that SOME Americans are racist and you promptly tell an american citizen to go back to Korea. If you were mad at Ellen Degeneres would you tell her to go back to France? Of course you wouldn’t.

  • getreal

    @Robert, NYC: We all have our own taste as someone who has done a lot of international travel London is one of my least favorites of the major capitals of the world. I’ll take Tokyo,Rome,Sydney,NY,Bangkok and a long list of others first. There are many cities that are very international but don’t lose the flavor of the country they are in. As someone who travels to London a few times a year because I have so many friends who live there I can say I actually prefer Manchester and Edinburg because although they are very internationally they seem to have preserved their uniquely UK flavor whereas when i’m in London I almost feel like I could be anywhere.

  • Robert, NYC


    Well, I think London and New York are very similar having lived in both cities. I spent my undergraduate years in London back in the 60s. You include New York as one of the major cities that captures the flavor of its country,even though its not America’s capital, yet London doesn’t capture any flavor of the UK? How can you say that? Look around you at the tradition in the capital alone. Both are as culturally diverse, vibrant world class cities, but we can agree to disagree. Aside from the vast cultural diversity of London, arguably the most diverse of all European cities, I love it for many other reasons and maybe if I hadn’t lived there for three years, maybe I would see it differently, but I don’t. Margaret Cho clearly doesn’t know anything about the culture to make such an asinine statement about it. Living in a place and travelling to and from it are two very different things.

  • Attmay


    Ellen Degeneres is not an unfunny asshole.

  • getreal

    @Attmay: It was an analogy.

  • SoCal O

    @everyone replying to “Fem in the city”

    Don’t. Feed. The troll.

    On an unrelated note, Margaret Cho is an awesome human and that’s enough to make me love her without taking her sexuality into account.

  • Victoria

    @Robert, NYC: I know this is an old comment, but having been a person who’s grown up in London, I’d agree with her.

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