Caught off guard

Mariah Carey ambushed about the Vegas attack and Twitter is pissed

Mariah Carey on Good Morning Britain

People are not happy with Piers Morgan for putting Mariah Carey on the spot about the horrific shootings in Las Vegas during yesterday’s taping of Good Morning Britain.

In case you missed it… Carey was scheduled to talk about her upcoming Christmas tour (yes, at the beginning of October). She was appropriately perched on her sofa in a festive red dress with a beautifully trimmed Christmas tree in the background.

But instead of talking about the tour, or, better yet, postponing the interview, Morgan decided to break the news of the massacre, which was still happening in real time, to the singer live on air.

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He then proceeded to show her footage of the horrifying situation as it was unfolding. Then he asked for her instant reaction.

Kinda messed up, right?

Carey, like the rest of us, was completely shocked, and responded accordingly, telling Morgan: “That’s awful. I pray for the victims. I hope all this can stop.”

Shortly after the interview, she tweeted:

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But Morgan’s distasteful “got’cha” moment seems to have seriously backfired.

Check out how people responded on Twitter…