Meet the World's First Mainstream Drag Queen Underwear Fashion Model

Marie Claire Bonds Bra Campaign Dazzling Boobs Ambassador

[quote]I think I’m the first drag queen ever to be doing a bra campaign.”[/quote]

As part of a new campaign for Australian clothing company Bonds, Marie Claire may indeed be the world’s first drag queen underwear model.

Marie Claire Bonds Bra Campaign Dazzling Boobs Ambassador 01Marie is only one part of Bond’s ‘BOOBS’ campaign, which understands that boobs “come in all different shapes and sizes and that no two sets are the same, so we want to share the love with each and every boob type out there, from A to G and everything in between.” Marie also revealed in a recent interview that for the campaign “we’re aiming to get women to embrace, appreciate and love themselves while celebrating the joys of what they’ve got.”

She also opened up about how refreshing it is that a mainstream brand is embracing different images of femininity:

[quote]Nowadays, women are under so much pressure to look a certain way – but how boring would it be if we all woman looked the same? I’m constantly using what I see in confident, inspirational women as part of my craft. Having a mainstream brand like Bonds encourage women to embrace what they’ve got, we’ll hopefully see Aussie women’s’ boob-esteem grow.”[/quote]

Watch a promo video for the campaign below and read more from her recent interview.

BONUS: Here’s a fun graphic list of the Bonds ‘Boobicons’, which are their “own cheeky ‘emoticon’ language to represent the A to G and everything in between of Aussie boobs.”

Boobicon-Collection-Bonds Underwear Campaign