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Marie Claire‘s Terrible Advice for Women Stumped On Gay Weddings


In a bit of service journalism gone awry, Marie Claire suggests its lady readership who are unfamiliar with certain things insert editor-approved pearls of wisdom into conversation. In “How to Talk About Issues You Don’t Understand,” they’ve got tips on all things controversial, like abortion and gun control. Oh, and gay marriage.

Not sure what to say when confronted with homosexual marriage? The magazine advises you deliver this remark: “At the last gay wedding I attended, the grooms’ tuxes were brushed satin, the centerpieces were Cattleya orchids, the palate cleanser was yuzu sorbet, and the DJ was Samantha Ronson. How could something so right be wrong?”

Not only is this a line nobody would ever say ever in her life, we don’t even understand what this means.