Marie Osmond Missed The Last Phone Call From Her (Absolutely Not-Gay) Son

Michael Blosil, the 18-year-old son of Marie Osmond who jumped from his Los Angeles apartment to his death in February, was niether gay nor on drugs his mother insists to Oprah. Rather, he “wanted to be married and have a family and travel all over the world.” But what about critics like Roseanne Barr, who called Blosil gay, and who attacked Osmond and the Mormon Church for inflicting such hatred toward homos? “[I]t wouldn’t matter if he was [gay],” says Osmond. “I have a daughter who’s gay.” Indeed, Marie’s daughter Jessica is a married lesbian. But Marie did acknowledge her son began abusing drugs at age 12 and had been to rehab, though she insisted they weren’t involved in his suicide. “My son was clean when he jumped,” she says. “There were no drugs in his system, but I believe that the ramifications of them were there. That was the hard part.”

“I couldn’t get to” the phone when Michael called her the night he died, Marie says, because she was in the middle of a costume change. When she called him back, he didn’t answer. It was too late. “”I know I’ll see him again because of what I believe.”