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Marine Chief Gen. James Conway: Straight + Gay Soldiers Living Together Must Be ‘Voluntary’

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway has previously told reporters he would “not ask our Marines to live with someone who is homosexual, if we could possibly avoid it.” Thankfully the general is on his way out, because he’s still on a rampage about making sure straight soldiers would only live with gays on a “voluntary” basis just in case they have “moral concerns.”

After all, Conway said today at a Pentgon presser, many Marines are “very religious” and that might cause them discomfort knowing a living, breathing homosexual is just a few feet away.

BUT! If DADT is repealed? The Marines will jump on board. “We cannot be seen as dragging our feet. We’ve got two wars to fight. We’ll implement it and move on.”

By “move on,” of course, he means setting up standard barracks for breeders and fabulous barracks for gays.

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  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Perhaps the good general also believes that Marines should volunteer tours of duty too? Certainly it is far more dangerous to a straight Marine being on the battle field than showering with a fag.

  • Lanjier

    OOOOOOOOOOOh! You are actually going to give those Marines a big scary ORDER to treat their fellow Marines correctly! Wow!

  • adman

    He’s going to throw down that big scary masculine authority any day now, if he can figure out which bible it’s tucked away in. Fucking un-American asshat. I’d be so pissed if I had to serve under someone who disrespected me for kicks like he does.

  • B

    QUEERTY: “By ‘move on,’ of course, he means setting up standard barracks for breeders and fabulous barracks for gays.”

    Hey, let’s not discriminate. Make that dingy barracks for homophobes and fabulous barracks for everyone else. We’ll see if their homophobia is more important to them than getting a nicer place to live.


    These fucking assholes are basically stripping down the very core of what makes the military work. Soldiers are not partners in the process in any way, shape, or form. They are a cog in the machinery with zero choice or options as to how they are utilized in any capicity what so ever. That cohesivness is what has made militaries strong and successfull for centuries. There is a 100% directive you put on the uniform you surrender all individuality and choices in all aspects of your life untill you surrrender that uniform. This is such a boatload of crap that it is beyond comprehension.

    Did the military ask for volunteers when Blacks were intergrated into the military? When women were brought into active positions?? Not a single time. Once again the Gays are the only acceptable group that can be singled out for universal second class citizenship……………

  • Hyhybt

    The search bar at the top of the page is OK, I guess… but is there some way to get rid of the annoying black box that hangs off it and obscures part of the page, including ads?

  • Mark

    Then lets promote moral concern clauses for those who wish not to room with those who have a different skin color, culture, religion… the divorced.

  • Steve

    It’s time for General Conway to “retire”.

    Or, to be reassigned to command of the Marine detachment guarding the Naval base at the South Pole.

  • hephaestion

    This idiot James Conway must be dumb as a rock.

    How did he get to such a high position with such limited brainpower? Did he “thug” his way to the top? What a fool.

  • Dan

    If gay marines – males or female – can serve openly they won’t bother hitting on straight marines, which would be a waste of time, they will just go out on dates with other out gay/bi people because they won’t be punished for doing so. Just like straight marines don’t intentionally seek out dates with gay marines, gay marines have no reason to intentionally seek out dates with straight marines.

  • Giovannidude

    Maybe General Conway should give his straight Marines the option of choosing the cutest gay guy as his roommate. He might be surprised how fast the straights signed up for that option. For those who don’t sign up, they get the non-fabulous quarters. Problem solved.

  • Lerro LeHezal

    It sounds like the Commandant realizes that it’s going to take something other than the U. S. Marine Corps to cure the highly-treatable, highly-curable mental illness known as Homosexualism. Perhaps he can convince the Secretary of the Navy, and Commander-in-Chief to follow suit. Politics don’t belong in a Flack-Jacket; that’s for sure.

  • G.A. Messier

    I support repeal of DADT. In its place, the military should revert to the previous policy barring gays altogether.
    No government has the right to compel heterosexuals to share living spaces (barracks or shipboard) with those who are genetically disposed (FIXATED) to see them as sex objects.
    If the government can wield THAT kind of power over its citizens, what’s next?
    Sidebar: Gay advocates cite polls indicating that Americans favor gays serving in the military.
    a. Most people don’t care who serves in the military, so long as it’s somebody else’s family member.
    b. Because they have no “skin in the game”, most people haven’t given this issue a moment’s thought, certainly not in terms of billeting.
    c. Most people fear being labeled a bigot, and so offer up the PC answer. Got to show how “with it”, and progressive we are….
    CHALLENGE: Ask parents what their reaction would be if their college-bound heterosexual son/daughter called home to announce that, in furtherance of some broad social policy, they were being forced to share their campus dormitory room with same-gender gays/lesbians. No options.
    I guarantee you’ll come away with an entirely different poll result.
    Some would argue THAT won’t happen. Colleges, after all, are not tasked with “national security.”
    Witness yet another example (if GLBTs serve openly) of the federal government wielding unprecedented power over citizens, all in the interest of “national security”.

    We are told now that homosexuality is genetic. Fine.
    Just as it is unacceptable to billet men and women together, it is equally unacceptable to billet gays and straights together. Long-established, time-honored standards of decency and propriety prevail.
    And please, PLEASE let us dispense with the dedication-to-flag-and-country spiel. No less a hero to their cause than Bill Clinton got serviced (yes- hetero) in the oval office. Likewise for members of Congress, both Dems & Reps.

    The services turn down hundreds of thousands of applicants each and every year, for a whole host of reasons. In most cases, they’re unfit. Unlike most of them, gays/lesbians aren’t
    “unfit”. They just DON’T fit.
    Good order and discipline really does matter. Maybe not in the White House or Congress, but certainly in the military. Heterosexuals constitute 96-97% of the population, and that’s where the services’ end-strength comes from.

    We’re told that some 14,000 gays/lesbians have been discharged since 1993. What that means is, they couldn’t (wouldn’t?) live up to their end of the agreement. No shame there – they’re as human as everyone else. And that’s the whole point. There is simply no way you can put gays/lesbians in quarters with their natural (read GENETICALLY IMPRINTED) sex objects, and not have trouble, anymore than we can billet heterosexual men and women together. Some services tried that, starting in boot camp. It failed.

    Finally – body counts:
    Since 2003, when we first went into Iraq, some 7,000 +/- Americans have lost their lives. This is a tragedy; it is NOT a national emergency.
    During the exact same period (2003-present), more than 250,000 Americans have died in automobile accidents here in the US.

    You may consider me a conscientious objector.

  • Pete

    If man and woman dont bunk together why should fags and non-fags bunk together? You homos are twisted period.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @ No. 14 Pete

    Oh poor Pete, sooo insecure with your tiny manhood, just what are you afraid of? Is the only way you can prove yourself is picking on those brave enough to enter the military and defend our country? Everyone who reads your post knows what a little cry-baby girl you must be.

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