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Marine Chief Gen. James Conway: Straight + Gay Soldiers Living Together Must Be ‘Voluntary’

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Conway has previously told reporters he would “not ask our Marines to live with someone who is homosexual, if we could possibly avoid it.” Thankfully the general is on his way out, because he’s still on a rampage about making sure straight soldiers would only live with gays on a “voluntary” basis just in case they have “moral concerns.”

After all, Conway said today at a Pentgon presser, many Marines are “very religious” and that might cause them discomfort knowing a living, breathing homosexual is just a few feet away.

BUT! If DADT is repealed? The Marines will jump on board. “We cannot be seen as dragging our feet. We’ve got two wars to fight. We’ll implement it and move on.”

By “move on,” of course, he means setting up standard barracks for breeders and fabulous barracks for gays.

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