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Marine Sgt. Keil Cronauer Off The Hook In Kieran Daly’s Pizza Gay Bashing. But He Implicated His Buddy

As expected, Marine Sgt. Keil Cronauer (lower left) won’t face battery charges in the June gay bashing of Kieran Daly in Savannah outside a pizza joint. Chatham County Recorder’s Court Judge Claire Cornwell-Williams dismissed the charges, finding insufficient evidence to send the case to state court after reviewing a video tape of the attack. As for Lance Cpl. Christopher C. Stanzel?

“Yours is a question of fact,” the judge told defense lawyer Steven Beauvais of the misdemeanor charge against Stanzel, 23.

Testimony has shown Cronauer contacted Alison Brennan – who was with Daly the night of the attack – on Facebook June 14, telling her, “What my friend did to your friend (Daly) was absolutely out of line.”

“My friend admitted hitting your friend,” Cronauer wrote.

So that looks pretty damning?