Double Exposure

Marine Veteran Turned Underwear Model Alex Minsky Opens Up On The View

We’ve certainly been seeing a lot of sexy marine veteran and amputee turned underwear model Alex Minsky today, and he also visited the harpies ladies of The View to expose even more of himself.

Emotionally, that is.

In his chat with The View he goes into more detail about his Marine experience, the depression over the loss of his leg that led him to alcoholism, and his redemption via personal training and being discovered by a model scout.

Of course we already knew he was hot, but his self-deprecating humor and openness about his journey just sent us to a whole new level of swoon.

The only thing that would be better is if he would come out as gay and in a relationship with the equally hot Navy Seal that came out last week.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed.  (If the video doesn’t play, click here to watch)

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  • KittyLitter

    So he’s not even gay and yet you create as many articles for this guy as you do for tom daley?

  • Horse Lips

    Lighten up, Kitty Litter, this isn’t CNN.

  • Austrian

    @KittyLitter: What exactly is your problem? Ever article Ive read about Minsky has ended with some hateful comment from you about him. He is a war hero and you are not. He is a beautiful person inside and you are not. He is hot as hell and you are not. You are not bothering him because Im sure he could give a damn what some catty fat anonymous internet troll thinks about him. I however am sick of your commentary.

  • TerrenM

    @Austrian: @Austrian: ShittyLitter is a bitter old queen that probably hasn’t had a date in a few years. His right hand won’t even date him. He seems to forget this man served in our military, lost a leg from it, possibly has PTSD… Now he is making something of himself. Heaven forbid Queerty does an article on a beautiful, straight man. Where would we be if the ‘straight’ media outlets ignored us (if script was flipped)? ShittyLitter would be outraged. You can NEVER please these poor, lonely souls.

  • SteveDenver

    Dear Miss Kitty: When it comes to looking at dicks, can we please be equal opportunity?

  • Dxley

    I wish Queerty would stop its obsession with non-gay men. It’s just my opinion :)

  • Cam

    I have a question.

    In spite of Putin Promising that visitors to Russia would not be arrested, a former member of the Italian Parliament has been arrested and detained in Russia because of commentary on it’s anti-gay laws.

    The story is over 48 hours old, and yet Queerty runs multiple stories on non gay underwear models.

    Go ahead and run the stories on the models, but why does Queerty seem to be purposely avoiding actual gay stories?

  • hyhybt

    Wanting all the hot guys to be gay is short-sighted. If they were, that would leave only the uglier ones to reproduce, causing a shortage of hotness in future generations :)

  • sportyguy1983

    Got to love his service to his country, but he is not attractive at all and all those tattoos make him even less so.

  • Fitz

    @Cam: Cam, I have a question. What in the world makes you think of this as a gay news website? It’s the lightest of light dips in the pool. It’s a silly diversion. It’s not here to inform. It doesn’t do any real reporting. Even it’s pictures of men are all PG-13 at best. If you want to read the gay news, go to one of the gay news wesites.

  • Cam


    Fair enough, but in the past there were actual news articles on here, especially during the election. It seems that lately we have been getting more and more of these sort of non-gay articles that don’t have any news value at all.

  • Fitz

    @Cam: Maybe that was true.. it’s pretty clearly now just guys in underwear, celeb gossip and re-reporting of things to get offended about. List the places you go for news. Maybe we should do that– start telling people where to go instead of here, lol

  • viveutvivas

    @Fitz, @Cam, Huffpo is sometimes okay, but also has a lot of fluff articles. However, their posting requirements (a verified FB account) and their brain dead moderation policy is antagonizing lots of people.

  • Fitz

    I like Joe My God… but it’s very slow to load. And the ad’s are totally nsfw, so I can only read it from home. You can also only do little doses at once, or you will end up paranoid and bitter. The Advocate was ok until a few months ago. I haven’t been there since they made the Pope man of the year.

  • viveutvivas

    @Fitz, I’m afraid JMG crashes my browsers. I hate sites that only work on the newest state of the art computers. Very bad design decision in my opinion.

  • Tackle

    Wait a minute, I don’t agree with everything @KittyLitter: says, but I don’t see the need to jump on someone who just expressed an opinion. And a very harmless opinion at that. Some of comments directed at @KittyLitter: are worse then what he commented on about Alex. I’m not at all bitter or have hate for Alex, and Queerty can run stories on who they want, and we are allowed to “express” an “opinion” on the matter. So Queerty, stop being so superficial, and get over yourself about so-called hot guys coming out, and getting with someone equally as hot. When you get pass the window dressing, looks in no way help the gay community, or gay causes. And I would agree as to why all this attention to some straight guy, who has a history of saying dismissive things about gays, who has “not” shown, that he is a ally??

  • Soldier_Medic

    I’ll post this, no longer in fear of DADT, but I could lose my job for the next statement as ‘some’ would know how I know.

    I think eventually, former soldiers like Alex Minsky can feel comfortable in being gay and not gay friendly. This is not to out him or anyone in that position, but to comment on how it’s been a long time coming for those of us who’ve seen the progression.

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