Double Exposure

Marine Veteran Turned Underwear Model Alex Minsky Opens Up On The View

We’ve certainly been seeing a lot of sexy marine veteran and amputee turned underwear model Alex Minsky today, and he also visited the harpies ladies of The View to expose even more of himself.

Emotionally, that is.

In his chat with The View he goes into more detail about his Marine experience, the depression over the loss of his leg that led him to alcoholism, and his redemption via personal training and being discovered by a model scout.

Of course we already knew he was hot, but his self-deprecating humor and openness about his journey just sent us to a whole new level of swoon.

The only thing that would be better is if he would come out as gay and in a relationship with the equally hot Navy Seal that came out last week.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed.  (If the video doesn’t play, click here to watch)