Mario Flexes His Diva Muscle

People say we gays are vain, but we don’t know anyone quite like straight man Mario Lopez.

The actor, who recently began playing lead choreographer Zach in Broadway’s A Chorus Line, reportedly wants to be the biggest muscle man in the show – and he’s making demands to ensure he faces no challengers:

[Lopez] refused to wear Zach’s costume, a tan sweater with long sleeves.

It’s an iconic outfit, based on that worn in real life by A Chorus Line creator Michael Bennett, and it’s been worn by countless Zachs… for the past 30 years.

But “Flex” Lopez wanted to wear a brown shirt with short sleeves so that he could show off his biceps.

The only trouble is, Flex is sharing the stage with a pair of biceps larger than his. They belong to Nick Adams, who plays Larry, the assistant choreographer.

Larry’s iconic costume is a navy blue tank top with the number 17 on it… Flex, sources say, was concerned that Adams’ biceps would upstage his, so he requested that Adams wear a hoodie over his tank top, which Adams does whenever he’s next to Flex.

We’re not that shocked to hear all this – someone as pretty as Lopez is sure to have a complex. We are surprised, however, that he has the nerve to request such changes. His biceps must not be the only big thing on him…

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  • key


  • Meeg

    Sounds like he’s only out to showcase his arms, not his acting skills

  • David

    Just saw the show and must admit he was quite good in it, totally against my expectations. The brown tight shirt he wore was not all that flattering anyway, and the other dancers on stage as mentioned here were all pretty buff too but oddly all dressed in sweaters and hoodies through most of the performance. Next he’ll have the girls cover up too, some of them had biceps to talk about too.

  • Alexa

    You’d think he’d be a little more humble considering A Chorus Line’s box office was down so much last week.

  • hughman

    i’m confused. the choreographer and this zeren can’t be the same person. the choreographer is kinda cute but “zeren”? uh, no. especially in a pick with his sugerdaddy “BF”. what has broadway come to?

  • Brokeback_Kid

    And what exactly is this little tabloid queen famous for? OH! Right he played that other tabloid queen of oh so many yesteryears ago Greg Louganis. Oh yes. What a monster success that was.
    Isn’t that near the top of the AFI’s top one hundred million films?

    Whenever I see this one prancing across some tabloid cover I usually say to myself or whomever else may be there, “Cute kid but getting old for that 1980’s dark haired puppy dog eyes thing”.
    However, trying to always keep watch on the side of myself that can go to the bad karma side of my mental note pad I usually try to pass over those pics of him with his ever present “Beard du jour”

    But this…from a Himbo of yesteryear…if youre so rightfully proud of your very fine body and indeed a fine one it is even for someone a decade younger, well, frankly my dear. Quiet confidence and humility displays a natural aura of masculinity.
    This preening, queening insecure Nellie nonsense from someone who’s famous for nothing. Not even one major credit in one major anything in the world of entertainment basically just confirms what you’ve made a fool of yourself so insultingly and unsuccessfully as well as desperately trying to conceal something one should not only not try to hide but rather, to celebrate, Being gay.
    Especially considering that your only fans are your brethren in gayness…well, us and perhaps the odd little girl who happens to catch a rerun of that dusty old B-Flick you made about another former closet case flash in the pan. Sad. Really sad.
    You just brought a legion of new fans to he who’s light you were trying to to hide under your little yellow basket.

    Oh and as it seems clear now that you are indeed a dence Himbo and little else, Please note that in my reference to the closet case you portrayed in that strangely non award winning epic of ages ago as FORMER closet case. Even she allowed herself to be pushed out before it became monstrously embarrassing.

    Glad to see you’ve taken to Broadway. That usually separates the girls from the men.

    Hugh Jackman you’re not and we’d put him in the column titled MEN.

    Enjoy your place in the other column.

    And remember when you’re wondering if they’re laughing with you or at you…it’s AT you.


    PS: You ought to rent an old film entitled All About Eve sometime.
    Now you don’t have to wear dark glasses when you peruse that aisle at Blockbuster.

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