EXCLUSIVE: Mario Lopez Would Add Bulge-Boosting Padding To His Underwear Line

mario-lopez-nice-assQueerty hit Mario Lopez with a somewhat risque question during a conference call with reporters yesterday: would he ever make underwear for his newly launched underwear line “Rated M” with built-in padding?

“I’ve never been asked that,” said the six-packin’ Latin hunk, whose sexy briefs ads make him look even better endowed than the David Beckham.

“I imagine that’s a pretty good idea,” he said, taking the idea to its logical extension. “I’ll have to bring that up with my business team. Good suggestion.”

Unlike our sad insecure male friends who might want to pack a fake twelve-incher and monster moose-balls into their undies, Mario won’t need Queerty’s unsolicited, totally free advice to make it big in the world. He’s already a triple-threat: hosting, dancing, and weight-lifting his way to some major bucks.

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