Marion Barry Blames the Gays for Ethics Investigation

[flv:http://media2.myfoxdc.com/video/2009/07/14/BarryContractsWagner.flv https://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/2009/07/barryscandalintervid.jpg 600 320]


What to do when you’re Marion Barry, backed in to a corner on gay rights and — once again — facing criminal allegations? Blame the gays!

Like us, Barry loves himself a good conspiracy theory. The disgraced former mayor and (inexplicable) sitting city councilman, who went on a bender protesting Washington D.C.’s decision to recognize same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions (a move he supported, then later criticized), now faces ethics complaints on another matter from colleague David Catania.

Oh, you weren’t aware Mr. Catania is gay. Because Barry is. And it’s Catania’s sexuality that has him targeting Barry! That is, of course, if you believe Barry’s version of things.

Catania was one of the leaders in the marriage recognition bill, and now has his sights set on legalizing gay marriage in D.C. itself.


On the side, he’s going after Barry with allegations his office misappropriated city grant dollars. Barry insists nothing’s the matter, and Catania is acting on his Big Gay Agenda to target opponents to his marriage efforts.

Which could be true! But also: Barry has no track record of truth telling! He’s been exposed as a liar, crack head, cheater, and, of course, a bigot. We’re kind of okay with making his life miserable, especially if he’s engaged in (yet another round of) fraud.

(Video: My Fox DC)