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  • No 4

    You should correct this post. A MARINE IS NOT A SAILOR. As a former Marine I find this post stupid based on the fact they are all clearly Marines and you are calling them sailors just for the sake of a stupid joke.

  • ggreen

    I wonder if he plays the same smarmy, queeny, sexless butt of the joke when he’s not on set?

  • Billy

    Well yes, they are clearly Marines. Lord knows as a Navy Corpsman I took care of lots of them……in more ways than one. Thanks for the memories!

  • hell's kitchen guy

    They’re all over my neighborhood. Marines are in better shape than sailors – great butts, nicely showed off in those dress blues. Woof!

  • afrolito

    This guy is such an unfunny douchebag, and he’s annoying.

  • Tom Bacchus

    It’s Its.

    The true sign of an illiterate the idiotic inability to know the difference.

    “It’s” is a contraction of “it is,” you moron.

    ‘Sex and The City made it is New York premiere last night’

    Doesn’t make sense, does it?

    Well, neither do most of your psots.

  • Tom Bacchus

    And that was a typo (psots) not a consistent ignorance of grammar.

  • hell's kitchen guy

    I always hated him until Applause at Encores. He was understated and sang & danced well.

  • Bob R

    No. 3 Billy: Were you an 8404? When, where? I did 11 years (combination of active & reserve) with the Marines as a Corpsman. Best times of my life. Served with the 3rd MarDiv active and 4th Reserve. And you?

  • Billy

    Bob, I wasn’t 8404 on active duty, I was stationed in San Diego and Oakland Ca in the late 70’s and early 80’s. It was a great time for me as well.

  • RPCV

    No4: When you supposedly were in the Marines did you like to get fucked like all the Marines I’ve seen around here in DC?? Check out the area around the Marine Barracks in southeast DC late some Saturday night when they all return drunk – you can fuck ’em all, and they love it!!

  • RPCV

    Tom Bacchus: Thanks for correcting the poor grammar. Nothing destroys the romance of the words more than poor English usage.

    Blacks, please take note: Ebonics, written or oral, is totally unacceptable. Just a thought……

  • Mr C

    What the fuck is wrong with you and your racist rant towards Blacks mentioning ebonics as if all blacks talk as such.
    And you live in DC? I would love to meet you and see you LIVE IN PERSON.

    But then again you’re quiet there. I know damn well you’re not on DC streets talking shit like that to Blacks.
    Not in a million years.

    So you rely on the net for your sad but racist idiotic statements.


  • RPCV

    Yo, Mista C, oppen up yo eaz n leesen. Id be aksin’ you a quesjun but I aint got nuffin to aks. Onlee thing I have to saee is when I be ridin the green lien, all I heya is this kinda talkin’. You know what I be sayin’ bruva??

    Mr. C, while ALL blacks do not talk like this the overwhelming number do. I’m not racist; rather, I’m just telling the truth from what I’ve heard from the last 40 some years of my life. ‘Yo peeple sound stoopid. Why not be proactive and start a “Let’s Speak English Like It Should Be Spoken” campaign with your brothers and sisters and maybe you’ll accumulate some respect, and not be laughed at silently by all the others around you every time you open your mouff.

  • Mr C

    RPCV, Yes you are very biased and YES RACIST!

    First of all I don’t need to accumulate any respect FROM any of you WHITE QUEENS in DC.

    But since you have so much fucking mouth.
    Meet me out at any bar,or location of YOUR CHOICE.
    And lets see how far this goes with your degrading of Blacks.

    alot of internet mouth with no action. And you all can laugh at any one them you want. But you did say the magic word and that was “silently”.

    That’s what PUNKS do laugh and critique “silently”

    Bitter Bitch!

  • RPCV

    Oh, gee, Mr. C, have I struck a nerve? I really didn’t mean to. Telling the truth is not being racist. And, the reason we laugh silently is because it’s been ingrained in us Anglos that we need to be sensitive to and respect the differences of others. Besides, it would be rude to laugh in your face, because I really don’t think you can help the fact that your race, as a whole, (1) commits more crime, (2) is less educated, (3) is lower paid, (4) is less intelligent by virtue of gene differences, (5) commits more domestic violence, and has multiple other negative characteristics than other races. For example, why do Hispanics, as a whole, work harder and smarter? Why are Asians, as a whole, more polite and respectful? Why do Blacks commit more crime, violence, and die at radically younger rates? Just a few thoughts……

  • Mr C

    Like I said MEET ME! Since you have such a severe mouth aganst Blacks

    It’s so simple!

    Just meet me. You haven’t struck a nerve YET!

  • RPCV

    Mr. C: Your words are filled with violence, helping me prove my point that blacks=hatred=violence=death. You’ll notice that I’ve not stooped to your low down level of threatening language; rather, I’ve taken the high road in offering straight, rational talk.

    You really characterize what I wrote in an earlier post: With all the meth and other drug and non-drug related problems impacting the “gay” community the least applicable word to describe the gay community is “gay.” Most, if not all, gays are miserable and fatigued from years of lying, covering up, experiencing ridicule, and myriad other realities. Collectively, we should rename our community as Sad, not Gay.

    I think this description fits you perfectly. Just a thought…… But, I’d still be willing to buy you that one-way ticket.

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