Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses “perverted” Walmart of “grooming” kids

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Photo: Shutterstock)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has ramped up her war against Walmart selling sex toys.

On Saturday, she posted a photo claiming to show sex toys on sale at a Walmart in Georgia. They appear to be on sale next to children’s toothbrushes.

“@Walmart many of your customers in my district are reaching out to me about sex toys being sold in your Dalton store,” Greene tweeted. “They’re extremely upset and absolutely horrified that sex toys are being sold openly right next to children’s toothbrushes! This is grooming.”

She continued in further tweets: “Selling sex toys openly where children are exposed to them is wrong, inappropriate, immoral, indecent, perverted, shameful, and incredibly harmful to children. Why is Walmart participating in the grooming and sexualization of children? Is this in all stores or just Dalton?

“I can not comprehend how we got to a place where people think they have the right to force sexual adult issues on children. You do not have that right. Because no matter how hard you try to twist your perverse ideas into reasons any of this nastiness is ok, you are WRONG.”

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She ended by saying, “On behalf of my district, I am demanding @Walmart resolve this issue immediately. I sincerely hope this is not common product placement in your stores and that the employees responsible will be reprimanded. I do not believe this repulsive grooming represents Walmart.”

Greene rages against sex toys in Walmart, CVS and Target

This is not the first time Greene has kicked off on this issue. Last weekend, at a Young Republicans Gala in New York City, she told the audience, “By the way, you can pick up a butt plug or a dildo at Target and CVS nowadays. I don’t even know how we got here. …This is the state that we’re living in right now.”

Why Greene has suddenly decided to embark on this particular crusade is unclear. However, Tucker Carlson ran a brief segment on his show on December 9th reporting that CVS was now selling sex toys, and several right-ring figures have jumped on the bandwagon.

In actual fact, Walmart started selling sex toys in 2018. Target followed suit in 2019. So this is not exactly anything new.

Walmart has not issued any response to Greene’s tweet. Queerty has reached out to the corporation for comment.

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Online, some questioned whether Greene’s claims were indeed true.

Others said that maybe Greene should be more concerned about the sale of guns.

And others just ridiculed Greene’s outrage.

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