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Marjorie Taylor Greene demands baby be removed from trans parents

Marjorie Taylor Greene (inset) and Ahana and Petrona with their child (Photo: US Gov/Facebook)

Another day and another transphobic tweet from Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). Just a day after slamming Caitlyn Jenner as a “Man in a dress”, Greene yesterday took aim at two trans people with a less public profile.

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Ahanu and Petrona, a trans couple in Washington DC, recently featured on the Emmy-nominated Facebook Watch show Nine Months with Courtney Cox. The heartwarming and inspiring documentary series followed 13 prospective parents on their pregnancy journeys.

One segment showed Ahanu and Petrona with their child, as Petrona attempts to breastfeed the child. It was shared by a Twitter user who was disgusted at the notion of two trans parents, and in particular, a trans person attempting to breastfeed.

Greene shared their disgust, re-tweeting the video and saying: “This is CHILD ABUSE!!!!! This baby is in danger! Remove this child immediately. Caring for and raising children should have nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to do with fulfilling this man’s unnatural fantasies. Men can NOT give birth or breast feed. They are mentally unstable.”

In fact, individuals assigned male at birth who later transition have been capable of breastfeeding, or chestfeeding, infants. It does require the use of hormones to induce lactation and is not easy, as Petrona discovered upon their first attempts.

Many of those to respond to Greene criticized her hysterical reaction.

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For anyone interested in watching the whole episode, in which Petrona dramatically helps Ahanu to give birth to their child when the midwife fails to show up on time, you can view it below.

The episode received overwhelmingly positive comments on Facebook when it first aired, with many singling out Petrona and Ahanu.

“I am so in love with Ahanu and Petronas love 😍 their baby is so lucky to have amazing parents who will show them what love should look like!” commented one viewer.

“That birth! Hats off to Ahanu & Petrona. From the midwife not being there to the baby not crying right away (which was so emotional) & the way they handled themselves – especially Ahanu was amazing. Their support of each other is beautiful,” said another.