Marjorie Taylor Greene makes a complete fool of herself again

Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks out against CDC vaccine guidelines
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Photo: Twitter)

Marjorie Taylor Greene has proudly put her ignorance on full display in the Capitol again. The anti-LGBTQ Georgia Rep. was giving a speech about vaccines yesterday.

Greene has long rallied against vaccine and mask mandates, even introducing legislation to try and get Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical adviser, fired.

On this occasion, Greene was trying to suggest it was weird or sinister that the CDC encourages people to get booster shots of the Covid vaccines.

“I don’t know about you guys, but many of us were vaccinated as kids against polio, we had our MMR, and I have never seen the CDC coming out, saying, ‘Oh you’ve got to get your second polio shot, you’ve got to get your third, you got to get your fourth, and this may continue to keep going.’ I think the question we all should ask is when does this stop? And when are enough vaccines enough?”

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Greene doesn’t appear to realize the CDC recommends all youngsters are given four polio shots. According to its website, these are recommended at 2 months, 4 months, 6 through 18 months old, and 4 through 6 years old.

Greene also conveniently forgets that a new flu jab is issued every year because the influenza virus, like Covid, evolves quickly and vaccines need to be tweaked to effectively deal with this. Then again, Greene has previously said, “I don’t believe in evolution”.

People, unsurprisingly, were quick to point out her nonsense.

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Covid cases have been predicted to rise in the United States over the next few weeks due to the emergence of the BA.2 variant of the Omicron strain. The variant has already caused a spike in cases in the UK, France and Germany in recent days.