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Marjorie Taylor Greene says talking about homosexuality in schools is “child abuse”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't want schools to teach about sexuality
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Photo: Twitter)

Another day and another Pride Month attack from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

When she’s not bashing Dr. Anthony Fauci and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or engaging in a double-act with fellow Rep. Matt Gaetz at pro-Trump rallies, Greene has had plenty to say about LGBTQ people.

Following earlier attacks on embassies flying Pride flags, she yesterday took to Twitter to lambast what may or may not be on the school curriculum.

Greene shared a video of a 14-year-old girl recently testifying before a school board meeting in a suburb of Indianapolis. The girl has not been named.

In the clip, the youngster, who has certainly had a difficult upbringing in her formative years, talks of being a “trauma child” and of being adopted from a foster home when she was four.

She complains about being taught about sexuality at school, which she believes should be a private matter. She also says she cannot see how she has white privilege, given her own background.

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The clip was first shared on Twitter last week and went viral. Greene re-shared it yesterday and used it to attack schools talking about Critical Race Theory, gender identity of sexuality.

“Listen to this child. 💔,” said Greene. “Every single person needs to hear her. BAN Critical Race Theory & STOP sexualizing children NOW with tax payer funded education. Teaching racism and promoting sex, homosexuality, & normalizing transgender to children is mental/emotional child abuse.”

Hundreds of people responded on Twitter. Although some supported Greene’s views, many rubbished them, pointing out that if Critical Race Theory is being discussed anywhere, it’s in colleges, not schools. Others criticized Greene for using the girl’s speech to push her own political agenda.

Critical race theory (CRT) has been talked about for the last 40 years in academic circles but has only more recently entered mainstream debate. It explores the idea that racism and patterns of discrimination in the US have shaped its society, legal systems and institutions.

In recent months, CRT has become an increasing lightning rod for some on the right of the GOP to attack anti-racism campaigners or those on the left.

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Many educators and advocates believe talking about sexuality in school, and teaching kids that it’s OK to be gay, will reduce anti-LGBTQ bullying and would support many LGBTQ youngsters struggling with mental health issues. LGBTQ youth are at a far greater risk of attempting suicide than their straight peers. They contemplate suicide roughly three times as often as straight youth.

As explained by The Trevor Project, “All young people deserve access to safe and supportive public education, free from harassment and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

“However, policies known as ‘No Promo Homo’ and ‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws ban educators from talking about LGBTQ people, issues and history entirely, or they only allow negative discussion. These laws keep supportive teachers from speaking out in the classroom, eliminating vital safe spaces for LGBTQ students.”

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