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Marjorie Taylor Greene just took stupid to a new low and the jokes write themselves

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has some bizarre ideas about, well, everything.

The notoriously anti-LGBTQ lawmaker has said she believes straight people face extinction within 150 years, called for the end of Pride month, and regularly spews anti-trans rhetoric that’s best left unrepeated.

Now the far-right congresswoman has offered her hot take on electricity, and let’s just say she’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

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Specifically, she appears to be in disbelief about the existence of batteries — you know, those things that were invented in 1800 to provide power without the need for cords.

After learning that Air Canada recently placed an order for 30 electric airplanes, Greene expressed some rather dim concerns. True to form, she also managed to be as offensive as possible.

“Air Canada, get this, has ordered 30 electric airplanes…I mean, it shouldn’t surprise you, look who’s the president of — I mean, Justin Trudeau, right?” she told a crowd at the Texas Youth Summit.

It goes without saying, but Justin Trudeau is not affiliated with Air Canada.

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Then she really went off the rails, comparing electric planes to… slave ships?

“We were talking, how is there an electric airplane and what does that look like?” she said. “Remember back a long time ago when you’ve seen movies where people in those slave ships and, they’re down there and they’re rowing, and they’re being whipped to row?”

“We’re saying, how are they gonna keep powering these electric airplanes, what are they gonna have, it’s like a spin class in a tube? Where they’ve got everybody riding spin cycles, and those mean nasty airline stewardesses that forced you to wear masks all the time on the plane…are they gonna be forcing you to like keep spinning to keep the airplane in the air? It’s absurd!”

She followed up by saying she wants a “big, capable airplane”:

Heart Aerospace, the manufacturer of the short-range planes, explained in a press release:

“The new airplane design, called the ES-30, is a regional electric airplane with a capacity of 30 passengers and it replaces the company’s earlier 19-seat design, the ES-19. It is driven by electric motors powered by batteries, which allows the airplane to operate with zero emissions and low noise.”

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Here’s how Greene’s comments played on Twitter:

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