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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest attempt to ‘own the libs’ backfires spectacularly

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene heads to her first reelection primary on Tuesday with the likelihood of securing the GOP nomination for her seat, despite being one of the most-criticized members of the House of Representatives.

Greene has been tweeting up a storm in the days and hours leading up to the primary, and if she was competing with herself to see just how dumb her tweets can get, this one about baby formula may have clinched the race.

In a tweet attacking California, Greene attempted to make a point about the national baby formula shortage. The first sign of trouble came when she mixed up the words “censor” and “sensor.”

“If this was California you could steal baby formula up to $900 worth with no consequences, but in Georgia where we respect law and order, there are now security censors [sic] on the very few cans of baby formula that can be found.” she wrote alongside a photo of a can of baby formula with a security sensor.

Greene was likely referencing California’s Proposition 47, which made the threshold for felony theft $950. What she seems to have forgotten — or never knew in the first place — is that her state’s threshold is even higher. Georgia raised its felony theft threshold from $500 to $1,500 in 2021.

The attempted dis at those chaotic, California liberals makes even less sense when you break down the logic in her statement. If a store thinks it needs to place security tags on baby formula to prevent theft, that implies there are citizens who don’t “respect law and order.”

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