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Queering 9/11: Mark Bingham’s Death Gave His Mom New Purpose

As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Queerty is profiling the people, issues and themes surrounding the tragedy that have made an indelible impact over the past decade, especially for the LGBT community.


When out rugby player Mark Bingham helped wrestle control of United 93 from hijackers on September 11, 2001, at least one of the planes was stopped from reaching its target, potentially saving thousands of lives.

In the short video above, an excerpt from the upcoming documentary With You, Bingham’s mother, Alice Hoagland (a former United flight attendant) discusses her son’s passions, his legacy, and the “thousands of other sons” she has gained by supporting the causes Mark believed in. According to Hoagland, her work has made Mark more “out” than he was during his lifetime. Thanks, mom!


Image via With You

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  • mattsy


  • Ruhlmann

    Great men come from great mothers. R.I.P. Mark Bingham.

  • christopher di spirito

    It’s all too sad. The media has started the 9/11 stories and I understand what with the 10 year anniversary just around the corner and all. But, I don’t want to relive it. That day was awful and it changed the U.S. forever and not in good ways.

  • Dave Lara

    I saw him play once. I was there for the first Cup contest in San Francisco. I shall never forget him Alice.
    Love to you.

  • Thomas Maguire

    Mark’s legacy lives on in his mother.

    Who knows how many lives he saved.

    Thanks and blessings to them both.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    He was a homocon who hated effeminate gays, and regularly used anti-gay slurs.

  • HM

    John McCain credited Mark Bingham with helping to save his life…..then spit on everything he was in his disgraceful dance with the ‘Tea Party’ and his tantrums over keeping gays out of the military. We’ll never forget Mark’s bravery. Or McCain’s betrayal.

  • Michael

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    Unless you have facts to prove what you have said you have nothing.It’s just simply character assassination slander and disrespecting someone who is no longer here.

  • Scott

    For awhile Mrs. Hoagland disappeared from the airwaves and all I saw were 9/11 widows. I was beginning to wonder if anti-gay discrimination was happening.

    I asked to include Mark Bingham as one of the heroes but he’s not up there yet. That site seems to only include people who died because they are gay.

  • Michael

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    Sorry I will look at the book eventually.But Coulter is NEVER a reliable source she despises the gay community as well.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    But Coulter is NEVER a reliable source she despises the gay community as well.

    This is quite true. However, she quoted the book directly.

  • Cinque

    @Scott: Maybe they also don’t like gays who were Republican.

  • the crustybastard

    …[Mark] Bingham, a public relations executive and rugby enthusiast, had supported [John] McCain’s presidential 2000 campaign and kept a picture of himself with the senator displayed in his San Francisco office. Shortly after 9/11, a fatigued McCain made the trip to Berkeley to attend Bingham’s memorial service, where he delivered a tearful eulogy that garnered headlines and praise from the gay community.

    Noting that Flight 93 seemed bound for the Capitol, McCain said, “I may very well owe my life to Mark and the others who summoned the enormous courage and love necessary to deny those depraved, hateful men their terrible triumph…In the Gospel of John it is written ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.’ Such was the love that Mark and his comrades possessed, as they laid down their lives for others. A love so sublime that only God’s love surpasses it.”

    John McCain admires Mark Bingham’s capacity to love another man…only to the extent it might have saved John Motherfucking McCain.

    Otherwise, John McCain believes Mr. Bingham’s love should:
    • Disqualify him from entering a civil marriage contract and enjoying the many benefits derived thereof,
    • Disqualify him from any other sort of legally recognized union;
    • Render him a presumptively unfit adoptive parent;
    • Provide a reasonable justifiable for his employer to discriminate;
    • Obligate the military to treat him disparately and unequally because his love creates “an intolerable risk.”

    John “Songbird” McCain is a miserable piece of shit.

  • ewe

    Well i was so thrilled until i read all the comments because in all honesty i really hate gay guys who must act so called “straight” and end up shitting and dissing effeminate men. The reason for that is because most men once they find out effeminate men are straight stop insulting them so it is not the effeminate part at all. It is the fact that they are self hating gay men who feel ashamed. I do hope his mother is able to include her son in the pool of all LGBT people even if he couldn’t himself. Although i never heard this about him until now i really don’t think i would have liked him very well if what everyone is talking about here is true.

  • ewe

    Today is September 8, 2011. Does anyone know whether or not the Bummer has evolved?

  • JoeyO'H

    You can always judge the integrity of a man by how he loves his mother… And vice versa.

    Mark you are a hero, not be just gay Americans, but by all Americans, and a positive role model to the youth of gay America.

    I appreciate your courage and bravery, as well as the other brave souls on Flight 93, on that horrifying day by saving so many lives while losing your own. Bingham is a true inspiration and I am so proud he’s from my side.

  • JoeyO'H


    What’s with all these free advertisements your posting here? You are taking up space, you lazy, cheap bastards, go pay for your ads. A**holes like you are always posting on comment sites for your stupid goods posting on every topic here.

    Your membership here should be suspended!

  • the crustybastard


    Queerty has no problem with shoe spammers and threadshitters. A pageload is a pageload, I suppose.

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