Mark Foley, Future Florida Mayor

Is former Rep. Mark Foley out of the closet yet? No? And he wants to be mayor of West Palm Beach? Well, it’s no Ft. Lauderdale, but it’s still pretty gay.

Obviously over that mid-aughts scandal where he was text messaging naughty things to male pages, Foley says he isn’t ruling out a March run for the city’s mayoral post; he owns a condo there. And thanks to his former federal post, he’s got more than a million bucks in the bank to fund a campaign.

Of course, not everyone’s thrilled:

“He could be a formidable candidate, especially if he has access to that money,” Mayor Lois Frankel said. “However, I don’t think West Palm Beach would want to go in that direction. I think we’re on a roll right now, we have this incredible buzz, and with all due respect to Mark, I think it invites some publicity to the city that maybe people don’t want.”

But ya know who must be thrilled? The local papers. Nothing is going to sell copies of the Palm Beach Post — and nothing will move local condo association newsletters — than this micro-celebrity trying to take over.