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Mark Foley Is the Perfect Candidate to Spew Nonsense On Obscure AM Radio


Who better to inform the masses about health care, social security, and inside the beltway politics than a man who used to live and breathe the stuff? Exactly! Which is why we’re loving the news that disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley of Florida is getting his own radio show.

It’s doubtful that when Inside the Mind of Mark Foley premieres on a West Palm Beach AM station on Sept. 22 that you’ll hear much about the man’s fall from grace, which included Foley’s quaint of understanding of the Internet (you can send emails to underage pages!) and its pitfalls (nothing is ever deleted!). But Foley, in between station WSVU’s “adult standards” musical programming, is expected to tackle the issues of the day in a Meet The Press format.

We’re so proud of Mark. Honestly! This man could have easily disappeared from the limelight, but here he is, like a Ted Haggard, sticking things out and making the best of it. Then again, Foley turned to real estate after his Congressional scandal, and that’s not exactly the best market to be in these days. Especially in Florida. But punditry? That bidness is booming.