Mark Foley Riding High On Campaign Funds

Mark Foley‘s political career may be over, but not his political perks. The Congressional page loving Floridian Republican has been using left-over campaign funds to pay off his mounting legal debts:

Former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, who has not been charged with breaking any laws when he sent sexually explicit electronic communications to former House pages, has spent nearly a half-million dollars in legal fees this year.

The money, a total of $483,254, came from left-over campaign funds Foley had accumulated during a dozen years in Congress and in the midst of a tough re-election fight last year.

Foley’s campaign finance report filed with the Federal Elections Commission for the quarter ending June 30 indicates he paid $277,367 to the Washington-based Zuckerman Spaeder law firm. That is on top of the $205,627 in legal fees he paid during the first half of the year.

Foley’s legal payments are likely to be even higher because the most recent payment, in June, only covered fees through April.

Foley, who is still being investigated by federal and Floridian officials for exchanging salacious instant messages with the pages, won’t be going broke any time soon: he’s still got about $1.4 million with which to play. Lucky – and sleazy – bitch…