Mark Foley’s Legacy Lives On…

Former Congressman Mark Foley may have left office in a haze of homo-flavored scandal, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still lurking where you least suspect him. His picture graces the program for the 10th annual Prism Awards – a show which describes itself as such:

…A nationally-televised awards show recognizing the accurate depiction of drug, alcohol and tobacco use and addiction in film, television, interactive, music, video, and comic book entertainment.

How appropriate.

The programs were printed up last year, before Lane Hudson helped instigate the page scandal in which we all learned that Foley has a thing for the lads.

As if Foley’s picture in a program on addiction isn’t notable enough, consider the accompanying quote:

It’s important to highlight the success of recovery. As many say, it’s one day at a time. And all of those people need the support and the affirmation that they are not suffering alone and in silence.

Question: do instant messages to underage boys count as silence? You’re not technically making any noise – unless, of course, you count all the salacious moans of a sexually frustrated closeted Congressman…

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