Mark Rylance reveals how a crappy homophobic action flick almost made him quit movies for good

Rylance (right) in ‘Blitz’

Mark Rylance has spoken out about one of the most traumatic experiences of his career.

The actor, who picked up an Academy Award for his performance in Bridge of Spies back in 2016, discussed his film career in a new interview with The Big Issue. Over the course of conversation, Rylance, 62, mentioned that he actually quit movies after starring in a homophobic action picture called Blitz.

“I gave up film acting in around 2010 when I was in a horrible film called Blitz,” he said. “I so hated it that I got rid of all my agents.”

He continued, “I thought, f*ck this and stopped promoting myself in film. Of course, nature hates a vacuum and suddenly Spielberg was brought along to a play I was doing and that whole thing happened.”

Speaking to The Irish Times, the actor further elaborated on his loathing of Blitz.

“I did this film I hated being part of called Blitz,” he said. “I thought: no, this is terrible; I am done with this.”

Blitz stars Jason Statham as a homophobic cop paired with a gay partner to track a serial killer. Of course, the movie contains extended scenes of homophobic language and harassment. It nabbed awful reviews from critics and flopped at the box office.

Hey, that would make us want to quit watching movies entirely, let alone acting in them.

Fortunately for Rylance–and for us–Bridge of Spies brought him back before the camera. He’s since gone on to star in such acclaimed fare as The Trial of the Chicago Seven and Dunkirk. He will next appear in The Phantom of the Open later this month.

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