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Marketers Want to Know How You Gays Are Going to Spend Your Millions of Dollars

The very best thing about being gay is how rich we all are. (The second best thing is that we have the power of flight.) All that disposable income we’ve got sure is a blessing, yes sir, it’s a life of luxury.

And that’s why Community Marketing Inc. wants to know how you’re going to spend it. Every year, they conduct a survey of LGBT spending habits, and it’s rolled around again for 2011. The data goes to advertisers, charities, employers, and anyone else who feels like snooping into our collective pocketbooks.

Last year, over 40,000 people participated — that’s an awful lot of pink money.

Click over here to take the survey. If enough Queerty readers participate, they’ll give us a customized breakdown of our users’ habits, which we are dying to see. So you know what to do: Take the survey! Share the link! Tell your friends! The deadline is June 15th.

UPDATE: Yes, we know that Queerty isn’t listed among the survey’s referrers. Boooo! Just click “other” and they’ll detect that we sent you.

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  • Eric Press

    There is no option for queerty yet

  • Dallas David

    I’ve hired a consultant to help me evade the marketeers.

  • redball

    Queerty, I feel like you are trying to be sarcastic in that opening paragraph but, if so, you aren’t doing it very well. Or else, you need to bone up on some facts. The gay or gay male community is not rich although the slice of the community that is the queens living in gay meccas tend to be of above-average salary plus have 0 to few children which makes for lots of disposable income…in that one segment of the community only (see: “The A-List,” I guess, b/c I’ve only read reviews and seen the odd video clip).

    There’s a wide, wide world of United States gays outside of the rich gay ghettos of NYC, San Fran, and other cities.

    By perpetuating this lie, you are also feeding into the argument that gays don’t need equality b/c “we’ve got it so good already.” (i.e, The Ethically Challenged, Armchair Philosopher’s argument–b/c, you know, one’s claims on equality and rights depend on one’s income /sarc)

  • Trip

    @redball: Bless your little heart. No, all gays aren’t rich. And…gays can’t fly. The point of the absurd second sentence is to point out the fact that the first sentence isn’t true. You keep trying, though. You’ll catch up someday, I can feel it.

  • redball

    @Trip: LOL! I deserved that :-). Remind me to read parenthetical snark more carefully next time.

  • hyhybt

    I found the opening sentences to be refreshing news. Now that I don’t need either, I can quit searching for a job and sell my car :)

  • jeff4justice

    @redball: I though the same as you at first. The sarcasim was a bit unclear – I though the writer meant flying in a plane becuase they had money.

    Often times being sincere and direct is more helpful to people.

    In any case, indeed there are many poor LGBT folk who get left behind from the “fabulous” and well to do and the major LGBT areas that leave behind many rural and small suburb area LGBT folk.

  • Oli

    no way we can fly?! somebody teach me how to do that!

  • hyhybt

    @Oli: Just throw yourself at the ground and miss.

  • Joe Clark

    Failed attempt at irony notwithstanding, Queerty remains so ethically compromised it links to a marketing survey (with exhortations to make sure the survey knows you came from here) but can’t bring itself to link to the actual facts about gay incomes and earnings.

  • paul f

    Funny, I fly fine without mechanical assistance when I’m asleep. I just haven’t gotten the hang of it when I’m awake. As for the filthy rich part, that one occurs in my dreams too! Now, it’s a struggle just to make ends meet. Between the two of us we’re making less than I did before dubya crashed the economy and I was the lower wage earner in our household. The survey didn’t cover tidbits like that.

  • hyhybt

    I don’t much care for the phrase “filthy rich.” All the rich people I know bathe regularly. :)

  • hyhybt

    @Joe Clark: Just for curiosity’s sake, how long after you uploaded your picture did it begin appearing by your posts?

  • ewe

    Buy real estate in gay ghettos before the hets invade. Do it. Do it NOW.

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