Don't Take Advantage of The Lady Loving Dollar

Marketing Execs Ignore Lesbians

Marketing executives have long held the homo dollar in high regard. Their male-centric ways, however, often lesbians out in the advertising cold. Journo Eric Newman gives readers the lowdown in an exhaustive – but hardly exhausting – piece over at Brandweek:

That lesbians have lingered in the economic shadows even as homoerotic-male imagery has become a marketing norm in some sectors may be due to fear on the part of some brands that too much gay-directed marketing may rouse the ire of conservative social groups (more on that later). However, according to Blackwood, much of the ignorance concerning lesbian consumers has come from mistaken presumptions about their economic muscle.

For starters, lesbians represent a little less than half of the estimated $690 billion buying power of the homosexual population in America, a number that’s expected to reach $835 billion by 2011, according to New York research firm Packaged Facts…. A 2007 study conducted by Community Marketing, San Francisco, revealed that single lesbians averaged annual incomes of $52,000, and that lesbian couples living together brought in just under $100,000 annually.

Whoa. Maybe we should become lesbians.