Marks His Words: Gays Will ‘Have Some Pretty Good Feelings’ About Obama Administration


In an applause-laden speech at the White House this afternoon, President Obama laid out his most detailed committment to the gay community yet. Reiterating previous promises to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, enact federal hate crimes protections, and repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, our great orator of a president made a fantastic case for his self-professed committment to GLBTs. With Michelle by his side, Obama reminded us of what we knew him to be as a candidate: our “ally and a champion” to our community. And equally importantly, he acknowledged our frustration.


Said Obama (rush transcript, excuse errors):

“I know that many in this room feel that progress has not come fast enough. … But I say this: We have made progress. And we will make more. And I want you to know that I expect, and hope, not to be judged by words … but by promises my administration keeps. We’ve been in office six months, I expect by the time this administration if over, you guys will have some pretty good feelings about the Obama administration.”

ON DOMA: “we have a duty to uphold existing law, but I believe we must do so in a way that does not exacerbate old divides. And fulfilling this duty in upholding the law in no way lessens my commitment to reversing this law. I’ve made that clear.”

ON DADT: “I believe Don’t Ask Don’t Tell doesn’t contribute to our national security. I believe preventing patriotic Americans from serving their country weakens our national security. … Now, my administration is already working with the Pentagon and members of the House and the Senate on how we’ll go about ending this policy, which will require an act of Congress. Someday, I’m confident, we’ll look back at this transition and ask why it generated such angst, but as Commander-in-Chief, in a time of war, I do have a responsibility to see that this change is administered in a practical way and a way that takes over the long term.”





Rep. Jared Polis reacts. Asked whether Obama is “waffling” on his commitment, Polis, arguably, waffles in his own answer:


FULL LIST of invited guests on Page 3.

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  • Richard in DC

    Well, this is very nice. Even better, however, is Michele’s coat, it is FABULOUS!

  • ben

    I want to believe him, I hope it’s true. Only time will tell.

  • Cam

    And all we had to do was threaten to boycott a fundraiser and finally stand up for ourselves as a community and not let HRC continue to sell us out. Well done.

  • emb

    OK fine. Now do something about it, and then we’ll talk about 2012.

  • Bill Perdue

    Gays Will ‘Have Some Pretty Good Feelings’ About Obama Administration…

    You can fool some of the people (Obots and Democrats) all of the time. We already knew that.

  • AlanInSLC

    If positive change was simple and fast, shouldn’t we live in a world that only knows peace by now? Patience people!

  • Markie-Mark

    Please note that he said . . “by the time this administration is over” . . That might be 4 years or 8 years depending on how much “hope” he has. Believe him if you want, but all we have gotten is words. And today was more words and no definitive time dealines.

  • Jim

    Still more words and promises. I will believe it when he stops comparing us to incest and peds and actually DOES something more than a symbolic memo.

  • Whup-ass Master

    Oh, Barack. Barack-Barack-Barack. Every time you do us wrong, you lure us back with your sweet talk and promises to “do better.” We forgive you, ya big lug. So you broke a couple promises, stabbed us in the back one or six times. Slapped us around a bit. We probably had it coming.

    Damn, it’s like a movie on Lifetime starring Pam Dawber.

  • walt zipprian

    Proof is in action, Mr. Obama, not promises. I won’t believe anything else he says untio I start seeing him make some progress. Repeal DADT. Repeal DOMA. Then your word will be good again. Until then, my money goes to local races, local charities. Not one more dime to the democratic party. Not. One. More. Dime.

  • Whup-ass Master

    @SM: Fine, being ignored is preferable to being hated. Sorry for rocking the boat, suggesting we can do (and deserve) better.

  • TANK

    I don’t feel rights. Now more than ever we need to exert pressure.

  • James Davis

    Words without action aren’t enough. I’ll feel better about his administration when I see some action. Oh and btw, “by the time this administration is over” could be interpreted to mean at the end of 8 years not 4.

  • InExile

    @Markie-Mark: Yes, the time frame is also my worry! I do not think we should bank on anything within 2 years of the 2012 election, therefore it needs to happen this year or early 2010. I will not support them for a 2nd term unless the promises for THIS TERM are kept. Yes, even if that means supporting the devil, Sarah Palin.

  • TANK

    this is the hardest time in american history? LMAO!

  • SM


    Do you live on your computer?

  • InExile

    @SM: Please list EXACTLY what he has done, so we are clear.

  • Bill Perdue

    @AlanInSLC: See, they can be fooled.

    Peace, Alan?

    Obama is keeping an occupation army in Iraq to steal their oil and civilians are being murdered in escalating numbers by US occupation troops in Afghanistan by cross border raids into Pakistan.

    Obama is responsible for war not peace, bigotry not the fight against it and for giving trillions in welfare to the rich while he busts unions.

    Sorry, Alan, we’re just plain out of patience. The time when liberal fakers and hustlers like Obama can make and break promise after promise is over. Over for us, over for the unions and over for the antiwar movement. As the old song warns, “No more water, the fire next time”.

  • Bill Perdue

    @SM: “One thing is for sure…” is that no LGBT people are going to listen to a bigot like you.

    Whiners? We’ll show vermin like you who’ll be whining by the time this is over, and it won’t be GLBT folks, it’ll be Obots like you.

  • InExile

    @SM: NICE LIST of EXACTLY what this administration has done for gay people! I did not see ONE thing on your list, just the same tired argument about Proposition 8.

    If you are that brainwashed and impressed by seeing nothing done as promised by this administration then you are nothing more than a shill to promote nothing!

    Give us examples, real examples to prove your point!

  • InExile

    @InExile: I would love nothing more than to be convinced of your viewpoint, but at this point, I am not at all.

  • George

    Haha I love how Michelle is there to distract us with her fabulousness.Clever Obama. He knows our community all too well.

  • Duane

    You can really tell Obama is in touch with the gays. The man really knows how to work his trademark accessory … no, not Michelle … the teleprompter. Seeing that just gives me all the warm fuzzies in the world that he’s completely sincere. And that’s just me showing my trademark accessory … my sacrasm!

  • DaveO

    Just words

  • SteamPunk

    @Richard in DC: I KNOW! Not to be superficial, but that coat is freaking amazing!

    More to the topic, though, we can pick President Obama’s commitment apart all we want (and I’m sure we will), it’d still be tough to name a president who has put gays more in the forefront than him. Even if that’s ALL he’s done, that’s still more than his predecessors, all of whom basically just ignored us. We need a lot more from his team, though!

  • Michael @

    It was a trite, ultimately dishonest and patronizing speech; a collage of primary campaign hollowness and present day excuse making whose words contradicted actions.

    “had a meeting with Judy Shepard”? No, he stopped long enough to be photographed with her. “…must enforce all laws”? No he doesn’t. “but not in a way that makes things worse”? No he hasn’t. Class, can you all say, “DADT and DOMA briefs”?

    And he didn’t even try to make an excuse for not freezing discharges, nor apologize to Lt. Col. Fehrenbach who was supposed to be there today….but should be out of the Air Force by the time Massa and Mrs. Massa sit down for Thanksgiving For Not Being Born Gay Dinner.

    At this rate, “by the time the Obama administration is over,” nearly 5000 more will have been discharged.

    Neither was this historic, as some are cooing, except that it was live-streamed on the Net…..and 99.99999999999999999999999% of Americans neither watched nor knew about it. If it gets an evening news mention, good, but it still amounts to a blip on the vital signs monitor of the suspended animation state in which he has placed his promises to LGBTs.

    Gays met with Clinton at the White House in 1993….while he did do some good things, it prevented neither DADT nor DOMA from happening. He spoke at an HRC banquet in 1997. No ENDA or hate crimes bill came out of that.

    From the embarrassing screams for his mere appearance and every teleprompted syllable there are clearly more Rainbow Fools for Obama left than one imagined. Mass comas for the past six months perhaps? Sickening.

    We only got this last minute NON event [scheduled for the day AFTER the actual Stonewall anniversary and not even mentioned until two weeks after his worthless Pride proclamation and AFTER someone finally convinced him the natives were REALLY restless] because of withholding money from the DNC. That’s going to have to continue and spread and deepen if he’s going to actually be forced to DO any of what he claims he is.


  • InExile

    @SM: I saw the Mathew Sheppard Act listed that he pushed for it, that was it. Did you know he only gave Judy Sheppard about 3 minutes of his time when she met with him? Not a big list at all! You see when you lack equal rights, all other issues become mute.

  • Random Gay Guy

    Whether you like him or not, you have to agree that his very being in office is the reason you all can bitch and moan about progress not being made. Sure, everything in our agenda hasn’t been accomplished, but we can be assured that they will be pursued. Frankly, We should be bitching at Congress. They have the power to get rid of DOMA and DADT. Some may argue that Obama should make more of an upfront push for this, but after asking congress to tackle the economy and health care, no one wants a congressional backlash to occur. They are not pawns of the president. They are not going to take kindly to being treated like that. We need to make it clear to them, the people that have the power to do something, to do it. In terms of the DADT executive order, the temporary solution is not always the best one in Washington. Congress would view that as a reason to not take on the appeal and then we would have an order that would get tossed in and out. I agree that there could have been more progress made, but I am not going to throw my towel in and run of the the opposing side or get out of the game. A democratic majority assures that our voices will be heard. It also assures that our issues will be tackled and things such as a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage or a bill prohibiting same-sex adoption will not be passed as it possibly would by the religious right.
    Also in response to some other issues, specifically the war. The troops are being withdrawn. Maybe not in the campaign timeframe, but there is a timeframe for him to be withdrawn. There is a lot of new classified information that one receives when they are elected. He met with military leaders and chose the safe responsible way to withdrawn. The last thing we would need is for Iraq to crumble as soon as we withdraw.

  • Jim

    @SM: Dude – the point of doing good is just doing good. You seem to think queers should be kissing yours and Obama’s ass since you did a few things.

    While we appreciate your effort the preaching is getting old. You are not the only person who has opinions or rights to opinions. If queers feel Obama is a gas bag then WE HAVE THAT RIGHT. And we don’t need people like you calling us names – we already have gotten that all of our lives.
    You are basically just proving your an “enlightened” homodion. Now you hate us because we won’t shut up and take what we are given.

    Feel free to stay home the next protest. It would be better to not have you there than listen to you browbeat people because they are unhappy that their rights are being used like a hot potato.

  • Brian Miller

    SM, you’re right. We clearly don’t deserve your wisdom and hard work. Please just go away and never help us again — it would just CRUSH us, I’m sure.

  • Alexa

    @SM: Screw you. You are exactly what is wrong with many of the Democrats in power, handing out promises like they are candy and then calling us ungrateful when you don’t follow through. Yes, I understand there are other issues that are important, and some of them are more important, and I wouldn’t mind the wait if I thought the administration could be trusted, but I’m not sure it can.

  • galefan2004

    @SM: Have you never studied history? In the 1980s, unemployment was higher than it is right now. It was actually 13-15%. That means this isn’t even the hardest time in the last 30 years. Getting beyond that, we have had a great depression (where no one had money except a select few), a civil war, 2 world wars and Vietnam. All of those times were completely worse. Hell, during Vietnam we even gunned down our own citizens for protesting (at Kent State on May 4th). You have to be ignorant of our history to claim this as the hardest time in American history. All this is compared to those times is an economic down turn brought about by a military effort we should have never entered but are now mired in.

  • Prof. Donald Gaudard



    Since you’re a straight man who hates gays because we don’t do things exactly the way you want us to, why don’t you get off this web site and save us your shit? And while you’re at it, why don’t you get off all the other gay web sites also?

  • Scott in NYC

    If Obama does right by us and makes good with his promises, then I’ll be the first to say it and give him credit. If he doesn’t, then he’s full of shit, and we should all say it together. So far, six months into his administration, and, of all people, Dick Cheney has led the pro-gay rallying cry. Needless to say, Obama better get moving on this…

  • rrr

    @SM: Obama INSTRUCTED gays and others to hold his feet to the fire over promises. He asked for this in advance.

    Loads of gay people voted democrat and donated money until it hurt for Obama. Gay bloggers and gay wealthy business moguls and public personalities promoted him. Don’t act as though gay people weren’t part of getting him elected and aren’t themselves part of the democratic party.

    The Civil Rights Act only got signed because black activists and protestors and their allies forced the democratic president to do it even though it was not at all politically expedient or convenient for him. Johnson was devoted to building his “great society” with social programs for the people, and granting racial equality would jeopardize that goal. He also knew it would loose him the whole south come election time. So in your view should black people and their allies just have sat on their hands instead of standing up for themselves and forcing political action? Should they have said to themselves well I’m sure Johnson privately likes us, we don’t want to be a bother that nice Mr. Johnson, he’s thrown us a tiny bone or two, and we just need to understand how hard and embarrassing it is for the Democrats to be seen sticking up for the likes of us?

  • Fitz

    Here is what stands out to me, when I think of Obama and the LBGT community so far:

    1) calls from a robot repeating Obama’s stance that “marriage is between a man and a woman, as G_D was in the mix”

    2) Progressive friends and neighbors telling me to vote for Obama (Vs. Clinton) because she was too prone to politics and “sleeping with the devil”

    3) His tremendous victory, followed by the announcement that he picked RICK FUCKING WARREN to stand on stage with him. And when challenged on this, he stated that it was important to reach across the aisle and invite our enemy. (aka: play politics and sleep with the devil… see #2)

    4) His announcement of his cabinet candidates including two dikes.

    5) The cabinet choices, minus 2 dykes.

    6) His need to fill Suter’s seat (a conservative who became a progressive). His short list included one dyke. He chose to not go with the dyke.

    7) The infamous DOJ brief in which he told the court that if he respected my marriage, he would also have to respect incestuous and pedophillic relationships.

    8) A published report that the # of discharges under DADT has gone up to about 2 per day since he took office. (262 as of now, since he took over).

    9) He added the capacity for SOME federal employees to take a sick day if their same-sex partner was ill, and to purchase supplemental long-term care insurance. This was heralded by the NY Times, and most online sites as “Obama extends health benefits to gay couples”. He also appointed a homo to be the head of the museum.

    10) Most important: I saw most of the LGBT community, minus the Kappas and obamapologists who walk amongst us, take him to task- many called or wrote their elected rep’s and/or him.

    11) a few more promises. So far, Bush was BETTER. (What??!!) yes… Bush was better—- because under Bush, the progressive community was with us. Now that they have Obama, they want us annoying faggots to shut the fuck up and sit in the corner and just open our checkbooks. We have been thrown under a bus.

    Despite the persona I seem to have adopted here, I am usually a very optimistic person… so I will say this: if we keep up the letter writing and withholding of carte blanch funds, we stand a good chance of forcing his hand.

  • SM

    The FACT LGBT are constantly using Obama for target practice (because its easy) while NANCY PELOSI has gotten a free pass for years (even though she is the ONE WITH THE POWER IN CONGRESS and is silent all the time) proves how dysfunctional your Equality Fight is.

    The Democrats could not have put a better President in the White House for civil rights. You treat him like trash because he is not in a position to put 100% of his influence behind ALL LGBT issues at this second. SORRY THE WORLD IS CRAP FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE RIGHT NOW and like it or not Obamas influence has consequences and he walks a political tightrope for MANY people.

    California and New York voted for Hillary in the primaries, you all DID NOT HELP OBAMA WHEN IT WAS HARDEST FOR HIM and he still sticks up for you. You all lash out at him and he still sticks up for you with grace and does not turn his back. You give him ZERO credit for his ability to bring social change to this country when many do not want it. You all spin news stories to make Obama look like a monster when you all could be out helping him with your equality fight because I guarantee the other side is working on it.

    Every single news story that has been written or on the TV bashing OBAMA could have also been SPUN TO PRAISE THE NEW ADMINISTRATION FOR HELPING THE EQUALITY FIGHT FORWARD and prepare for the DOMA FIGHT. Americans respond to praise and want something POSITIVE to get behind and cheer on.

    You all are your own worst enemies.

  • TANK


    Refrigerator hum.

  • Michael @


    As critical as I am of Mr. Obama, I am aware of no evidence that the rate of discharges has gone up since he was sworn in.

    Current estimates are based on the 2007 rate which was, on average, 1.7 discharges per day [yes, statistics are funny that way], resulting in 627 discharges that year.

    In 2008, slightly fewer were discharged: 619.

    And fewer by day in January: 11.

    Even Lt. Col. Fehrenbach’s discharge proceedings, which began last fall after he decided to fight them buoyed by the hope of Obama’s campaign promises, were surprisingly delayed until after Obama took office. It looks, as indicated above, that he’ll be discharged sometime this fall.

    Anyone wishing to place an automatically updating, graphic of ongoing discharges on their MySpace page, blog, etc., can go to the link below for the copy/paste code.

  • SM


    No…go refrigerator HUMM at the people running LGBT campaigns like EQCA. Any straight person can see from a mile away,they are the ones BLOWING YOUR MONEY, YOUR CAMPAIGNS, AND TAKING THEIR SWEET TIME PUSHING FOR YOUR RIGHTS.

    I’ve changed many minds in conservative parts of the country using NO MONEY. You all get played…but its not by Obama.

  • Alex

    If you want progress, you can’t only complain when it’s slow, you have to support movement. ENDA has been introduced, and there are more than 120 co-sponsors, some (like my Congressman, Dennis Moore) from red-of-center states. Look at the list and if your Rep is on there, at the very least shoot her an email saying thanks, and consider opening your wallet. The two things politicians understand are votes and money, and we need carrots as well as sticks to get our agenda through.

  • Jim

    @SM: “Any straight person can see from a mile away”

    Dude if you are going to keep fag bashing us will you at least go to some homo hating site so you can be with others who think like you?

    This left handed “support” of yours we can do without.

  • SM


    I don’t “fag bash” anyone. You all do it to YOURSELVES. If you are going to bring politics on this site, be man enough to take the opposite opinion.

    Vote Republican. I don’t care. All YOU DO IS BASH DEMOCRATS AND EXPECT US TO TAKE IT.

    Others who think like me….considering I have a gay brother who I have stuck up for YEARS and done nothing but donate time and money to your issues. FUCK YOU. I can also call a spade a spade and YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS IN THE RIGHT IN HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE HELPED YOU

  • Jim

    @SM: Do you read your own posts? It’s all “you people” and “any straight” Dude you are as big as as a homdion as guys who beat fags up on the street. Actually you are worse – you act like you are a friend – until we say something you don’t like.

    My last comment. I am done feeding this particular troll.

  • SM


    So now I beat up fags on the street? I’m a troll? My brother lives off Eureka in the Castro. You are the low class offensive one who SPEWS HATE AT SOMEONE WITHOUT KNOWING ANYTHING. volunteered at

    I’m not a DUDE.

    You all are the ones making yourselves look like idiots and are just NASTY as the religious right.

    Obama once again spoke out against DADT TODAY!

    Go down in history looking like FOOLS and MEAN SPIRITED JERKS for calling Obama a liar and treating your supporters like trash…Its your history..not mine

  • Glynn

    SM you can call us whiners all you like, but we are “whining” because we know that change IS possible with the Democrats and we are fucking fed up waiting for positive ACTIONS – so we will keep on whining. We need to whine until they can’t take it anymore.

    So, you will probably say, Obama has only been in office for 6 months – haven’t we been waiting so much longer than 6 months for positive change, we didn’t suddenly wake up 6 months ago and realise we are fed up with the inequality and bullshit, so forgive us if we are being impatient.

    Barney Frank said a while back “vote us in but keep up the pressure” and although he is one of Obama’s current apologists, he must be pleased we are keeping up the pressure.

    You see SM most people aren’t as politically partisan as yourself, and we just want to see our lives improve. We have been waiting a long time, and we are still waiting. Now there allegedly a light at the end of the tunnel, and we hope that things could get better, but we are going to scream and shout and whine until that DOMA nastiness and the DADT shit is over, and things do get better.

    So thanks for your previous campaigning and for taking the bottle flack – surely you can take a bit of whining? Don’t we actually want the same outcome?

    Oh, and where is that list?

  • InExile

    @SM: Yes, all talk, talk, talk, no action. Words are empty and so are promises without the deeds to back it up. Hillary would have been so much better!

  • Fitz

    SM is one of those who wants us annoying faggots to shut up, and join the group hug for Obama, despite his empty empty promises.

  • boq

    poor “straight” SM who is NOT gay … make sure you remember how ungay SM is … is obviously suffering. some of us know where SM comes from and know that SM is a bitter and hostile racist. some of us also know that SM is as ugly as Michelle Obama’s permanent scowl. see, when you are hat ugly and racist and miserable on the inside it shows on your ugly racist face.

  • SM


    LGBT = People who CLAIM to be all about TOLERANCE even though they show no tolerance towards people who have a different opinion on something. You all just want to have a bashing party.

    LGBT = People who claim to be all about tolerance and respect but they LOVE TO BASH INSTEAD OF CELEBRATE AND ENCOURAGE PROGRESS.

    You know its at an all time low when they are BASHING THEIR SUPPORTERS!!!!!

    So much for the LGBT community being a leader as to what the Religious Right lacks. You all are just as pathetic.

    NEWSFLASH: You can still hold Obama accountable witout acting like JERKS towards him or your supporters. Someone else walked that walk…MARTIN LUTHER KING with KENNEDY.

  • Jim

    A few final points:

    1. Proofreading is your friend.

    2. Your anger issues are becoming more and more apparent. (Ever try the non-caffeinated brands? They taste just as good as regular coffee but they don’t throw you into all caps tirades.)

    I never said you bashed on the street Dude or Dudette if you prefer. I said you are no better than those that do. I truly feel for your brother knowing how you must look down on him from your oh so high horse.

    (I know I said I was done but I love to see homodions in a rapid froth).

  • Jim

    @SM: We bash those who bash us. Your support is one I am confident we can do without.

  • boq

    “ungay” SM is a misfit racist who hate all thing white unless it means geting in some white panties

  • SM


    Bashing is your friend. I don’t have the luxury that TANK does to sit at my computer for hours and proof comments on a damn web page with a laptop in supersmall font. Its not a thesis…Who cares.

    Once again…you prove you are too weak to make a VALID ARGUMENT BACKED by acting like an ADULT.

  • Jim

    @SM: You don’t want valid arguemetns. You want us to sit down shut up and take what we get. I want you to go to hell on the rainbow flag horse you rode in on.

    I don’t think either of us are getting our wishes.

  • Jim

    @Jim: arguements.

  • boq

    “NOT gay” SM is a deranged freak with the ugly affliction of RACISM. SM especially HATES hillary it seems. hmmmm….. wondrer why. if racist “ungay” SM could whip hillary with chains would be the only thing that might satiate the quell of hate.

  • Fitz

    @SM: 1) I am NOT about tolerance. You tolerate a toothache. I hope you give your brother more than tolerance.

    2) My supporters are not telling me to shut up and take scraps. My supporters are mad as hell, and going to hold people to their words.

    3) MLK Jr. was PLENTY of a jerk, as needed. Polite doesn’t work. So as long as you are bringing up that era, being one of the older folks here: “Thank you buddy for your advice, but if that isn’t nice we don’t mind”.

  • Fitz

    @Fitz: See TANK, I told you it would be handy to have a geriatric-safe entrance. :)

  • SM


    You want to come take my phone calls? Then I can give you 100% for spelling. Its a damn comment page. Anyone who spends more than 5 minutes on one comment needs a life.

    BOQ…who cares about Hillary.

  • Bertie

    More promises with a hint he means he’ll deliver during 2012-2016.
    screw that – I don’t want to “feel good” — I want to feel equal.

    The Messiah complex on this man is palpable.

    The purse is still closed tight to Obama and DNC.
    best of luck to ya, fella !

  • SM


    BYE THEN….its a pain dealing with LGBT people who bash us all the time AND the Religious Right.

    It costs the Democrats votes and the Religious Right uses the LGBT issue to win Ohio.

  • boq

    SM is a RACIST freak who would love to beat hillary with a bat. SM will only be happy if hillary dies a gruelling death. Coretta King made Martin Luther King’s problems with women very public. he hated women. ask his wife she’ll tell you. SM is a racist freak who kisses white ass but hate white women but won’t stop the compulsuon to kiss white ass. SM is a fraud just like the fake piece crap Barky. you SM are doing more harm to the Barky cause than any blog can. you are a subject of ridicule and don’t know it. so please keep on bc it is racist freaks like you that is securing the fact that Barko is a one term gas bag liar hustler . BARACK Bush is already gone. no amount of your whining and boohooing can change that. “whaaaaaaaah you are all Barkyls worst enemy because you supported a white woman. whaaaaaaaaaah boo hoo hoo!”

  • Mike L.

    I believe him, and don’t care if he’s doing this to look good in history as the Pres to give equal rights to the gay community, either way we’d be good.

    And I beleive someone up there has made a good point, when it comes progress for people in their personal life, he’s done more for the gay commnity than women, immigration reform etc. SO please people have high hopes but never stop proding, don’t want him to forget about us.

    And OMG they are so hot together!

  • InExile

    @SM: Funny how racism and and sexism seems to be your specialty, no facts! Same thing we saw in the primary, dirty politics with lots of talk with nothing to back it up.

    If you want to make a point and preach how wonderful your savior is, use facts, these guys here only understand the facts. Make a list of accomplishments and facts (other than words) that no one can question.

  • boq

    Republicrats like SM do nothing but whine and boo hoo. I wont be voting for a pig liar like BO in my lifetime. so keep up your whiney boo hooing you little brat because we’re all laughing at you racists for Obama

  • SM


    No…you all have the most negative and dysfunctional equality fight going on and you cannot even see it. You all know nothing about politics.

    70% of the DEMOCRATS who voted for Obama voted No On Proposition 8.

    Over 6 million people in California voted No On Prop 8.

    Good Luck getting them to do that again in 2 or 4 years if all you do is BASH, BASH, BASH their President!

    Good Luck the next time you need the DEMOCRATS money for your EQUALITY campaigns and THEIR VOTES if all you do is BASH BASH BASH.

  • Michael W.

    @Michael @ It was carried live by MSNBC. Any station was welcome to broadcast it. Obama has no control over the news organizations that chose to ignore the event. If anything he adores all the airtime he can get.

  • boq

    SM won but is still not happy. you got your liar hustler of a president by stealing it with delegates. goes to show that stealing doesn’t pay because whiney brats like SM are still mot happy. now whiney brats like SM want to silence your speech and force you to shut up and praise the messiah. well honey’ this is still America’ if you don’t like our freedom of speech then get the hell out of this country.

  • boq

    not only do you have MEchelle Oblahblah’s ugly scowl but you are almost as bitter as she is. and sorry but the only one with the laughable and unsophisticated lack of political intelligence is you. we are cracking up at your retard statistics. BOs democrats were what won Prop 8. learn how to read because the facts of the statistics have been published everywhere. you are giving us one hell of a laugh though. so thanks for that. just a few weeks ago Barkys DOJ compared us to pedophiles and he didn’t have a worrd to say about it. now he’s missing some gay money and he reads from the teleprompter some more gas. well racists like you can continue to promote him and I thank you for doing so because it is your blind RACISM that has gotten Blahblah out sooner than I imagined. in the meantime I suggest you get hooked on phonix because apparently you can’t read. Oblah had nothing to say about half of his voters making sure Prop 8 passed. he is a bigot and you are an ignorant racist.

  • Mike L.

    BOQ freedom of speech has to do with the GOVERNMENT not denying us the right to free speech, if people don’t like what others are spewing, it just means they have a dif opinion but can’t make you not speak your mind.

    I hate it when people spew that “git outta our counrty” shit.

    STFU if you don’t like that they say, if you don’t like what they say does tham mean you’re against them having their free speech, does that mean you TOO should get out of our country.

    Everyone has their opinion! If people don’t wanna hear it then they shouldn’t post shit online and keep to themselves or to people that agree with them.

    Otherwise embrace opposing opinions, and try and make yours more appealing than theirs, instead of just telling people to get out of our country.

  • SM


    I won? I have not won anything. I’m not trying to win anything. You all sure make a lot of things up. Its wild.

    If you think Obama and the Democrats are liars, stop donating. Don’t support us if you don’t have faith.

    When LGBT have full Equality, the credit can then go to Obama and the Democrats who were not negative quitters.

  • Fitz

    @boq: I agree, Obama had PLENTY to do with the passing of prop 8…. when his words were used, out of context, by the pro-8 people, he did NADA to counter it. Further, he made it ok to be progressive and pro-8 with his statements about marriage, refusal to be seen with Gavin, etc.

    There is no way, pre-Obama, that progressive people would have held their head up high and voted for something like that.

    His silence said it all, and even though I am one of the lucky 18000, I will never forgive him for that.

  • boq

    Mike’ L and your point is what exactly?

  • Mike L.

    Im’s Dem by the way, people need to have opposing view to make sure we don’t all become drones (republicans, LOL!). Just a little joke there.

    I like Liberterians better (than Republicans), they’re conservative when it comes to thinkgs having nothing to do with how people live their lifes, or how states run their states instead being conservative when it comes to non social issues. Wich makes them more small gov, than republicans says they are (Small gov, so long as we can have a Christian big bro in your lives, like living in a Chrisitian version of Iraq or something).

    Get out of my bed Republicans (less your interested, lol)!

  • boq


  • Mike L.

    I just want people to always resort with “Get out of our country”
    when someone want to have a dif opinion that they.

    It’s like with Republicans always resorting to saying they’re more patriotic, more moral, more normal, more god living, etc.

    It’s disgraceful to resort to that kind of talk that only serves to divide people instead of bringing them to understand your point of view and vice versa but agree to disagree. Or maybe one changing the other’s point of view. With out resorting to “I know you are but what am I” immature stuff.

  • InExile

    @SM: You are right, we have no faith! Faith is for right wing Christians and other worshipers. Facts is what we have to go on, nothing else. Keep your faith!

  • Mike L.

    Meant to say.

    I just DONT want people to always resort with “Get out of our country”

    I’m gonna wait when he’s done with his first year, or two and if he hasn’t done enough by then, then Yeah I’LL be HELLAPISSED!

    But for now, I will wait and see what happens. Ofcourse I’m still gonna email, and call our leaders offices to but the heck out of them to do something.

  • TANK

    why is sm getting so much attention? Her screeds are all meant to sidetrack and misdirect.

  • Mike L.

    BOQ I can’t be racist, I’m latino, Only “White” people can be racists.

    LOL just kidding, I hate the fact that some people have that mentality. I’m latino, not racist, maybe I subcum to stereotyping people at times b/c of movies LIKE TRANSFORMERS b/c maybe like some people I may not know better.

    I’m very aware if latinos being racist to other minorities, and sanctifying whites, it’s sad. Like in the movie Maid in Manhattan with jlo’s mom.

    I’m sure there are racists in all races towards other races.

  • Michael @

    @Michael W.:

    Where did I suggest Obama had any responsibility for what stations covered it and which didn’t?

    BUT now that you’ve brought it up, he did have the clout to encourage them to, to make this a prime time address rather than just another Smile Fuck Appointment on his calendar.

    And if you don’t think there are some issue he, as every President, wants less attention paid to than others then there’s no hope for you.

  • jim

    @SM: I now understand your confusion.

    Demanding a President remember the words he said while currying the favor of a demographic is not ‘bashing’.

    Calling a group “whinners” and “asswipes” is bashing.

    Your gay brother would be proud.

  • Brian Miller


    I confess.

    I sit in wait at Democrat bars. When the pantywaist straight liberals pour out onto the streets, woozy from all those quadrupal chocolate caramel macchiato lattes, I scream “librul Democrat Party trash!”

    Then, I beat them relentlessly with copies of Rush Limbaugh books, just as the Gay Community Agenda Guide taught me, leaving the simpering bookish liberal sniveling in a pile on the pavement.

    You are right. The queers truly victimize the poor, helpless Democrats, and Democrat bashing has become an epidemic in this country. But I just cannot help it — every time a gay person sees one of you people hop out of your Lexus hybrids to deliver a sermon on “wait your turn and support our latest policy boondoggle,” our Democratphobia roars to the fore and we just cannot help but leverage the tremendous amounts of power that we have versus the helpless, tiny insular minority that the Democrats are.

    Our total majoritarian authority over you is just too intoxicating, I guess.

  • Brian Miller

    And PS, we do expect you to take it. Take every last glorious inch of it.

  • Mike L.

    ^ lol

  • SM

    @Brian Miller:

    You know home many LGBT people tell me the ONLY reason they vote Democratic is because of the Religious Right and I still vote for their equality. They are Republicans and I still don’t care and stand up for equality.

    On this very thread, I’ve been called how many things?

    You all are always the victims….I get it.

    Obama cannot suspend DADT because the military does not BAN GAYS AND DISCRIMINATE. Clinton put DADT in place AS A PROTECTION FOR YOU.


  • bisexual and proud

    I feel that obama has not done anything for lgbt people and sadly thats what i expected unfurutunatley, with that said however I feel it’s ridicilous for us to be constantly asking for our rights, for one thing i could really care less about marrige what im more concerned about is that lgbt people who live in the midwest are protected under the law from not being discrimanted against simply because of who they are right now there are 33 states where you can simply be fired from your job simply because you are gay,bi,lesbian or trans and that to me is UNNACCEPTABLE PERIOD THE END!!!!! I like so many other lgbt people live in the sf bay area and luckily we live in enivorments where its is more accepting etc but there are alot of lgbt people who simply arent protected under the law in 33 states. I think what obama needs to do is pass a national law that covers non discrimantion,housing,employment and hate crimes and if congress dosent vote for it then we as lgbt people should protest. In my opinion 30 years ago it was unaccpetable to ask for our rights but then maybe it was a start for lgbt people to move to san francisco,new york,boston but if the law covers lgbt people in all states i think that is a starting point to make places like kansas city and st louis more accepting and we become assimalted and we have our BASIC RIGHTS-marrige later!!

  • SM

    @bisexual and proud:

    Obama made over 500 Campaign Promises. One of the first campaign promises he kept was for the LGBT agenda.

    To say Obama has not done anything is a LIE.


  • bisexual and proud

    what has he done 95? tell me one thing?

  • Brian Miller


    Well, why else should they vote Democrat?

    You seem to believe you own their votes, or are entitled to those votes.

    Politics in America is simple. If you want people’s votes, do something that earns their support.

    Telling gay people to shut the hell up and subsume their constitutional rights in order to give you gummint cheese like socialized medicine and benefits payments isn’t exactly sound political strategy.

    Neither is blowing smoke up our asses about how an anti-gay law is “protection.”

    Finally, drop the abuse act!

    We grew up getting beaten, stuffed in lockers, and many of us have been survivors of physical violence. We’re tough — do you honestly think that if you “scream” in ALL CAPITALS on a gay board that you’ll somehow scare people back into compliance with your dour DNC dispatches?

  • Brian Miller

    @bisexual and proud:

    He’s done many, many things!

    One of the bands at the inauguration was gay!

    He had a Stonewall Party in the Oval Office, where major contributors were invited to participate!

    Aaaaand, he gave a speech!

    That’s three major accomplishments right there!

  • bisexual and proud

    nope he’s not passed any legaslation in fact what was done with doma was exactly what clinton did just reinacted it, that ittbybitty whatever the hell its called partners immagration benefits dont even cover full benefits, so no accomplishments whatsoever that i have on record.

  • Brian Miller

    Yeah — credit card bills and regulation changes. That’s some seriously on-topic stuff, S&M.

  • SM

    @Brian Miller:

    Run for President if you can do better. You all bash a man that is on your side and can cause millions of people to show up for his Inauguration. I doubt 10 would show up for the people here with the way they act.

    Yep….real smart moves! No wonder you all don’t have full equality yet.

  • WillBFair

    I don’t mind waiting for Obama. I know he’s our freind, but he has a few things on his plate right now. And he has to suck up to the religious right for political reasons. Get over it. I also know he has to be strategic in how he helps us, like the Clintons. The community hated them, but they did what they could for us given the politcal realities. I loved watching them dodge and weave and actually get things done. It was a thing of beauty.
    The community doesn’t consider any of that. They want what they want, and they want it right now. They don’t prioritize or think strategically, and it shows. They dumped on the Clintons for the DADT compromise and ignored Hillary’s fight on healthcare, even though that’s more important for us. They ignored the polls showing a majority support domestic partnership. They passed up a quick and easy victory then demanded marraige in a hick State like California. Now they’re planning a party in DC with no realistic proposals but some vague manifesto for equal everything now. Please.
    Politicians aren’t saints, as you all seem to think. They don’t waste political capital on people who shoot themselves in the foots, and it’s childish to blame others for our mistakes. Try correcting our own failed strategies before dumping on Obama.

  • Brian Miller


    S&M, you must really love the M part.

    I could do better on gay rights as a janitor in the local public library than your party has done.

    I know you keep insisting that it’s impossible to fulfill your campaign promises and that we’re all whiny, stupid idiots for holding your guy to them, but hey, we’re bitches like that.

    If you’re going to make promises, you should keep them. If you’re going to compare gay people to bestialists and pedophiles in your legal briefs, don’t bother with the whole “fierce advocate” thing.

    And PS — you don’t get to decide which of our life priorities makes effective politics. That’s our decision. We don’t need some straight-n-narrow troll lecturing us from a podium of pretense.

    OK, now go check the latest DNC talking points and get back to us. We’re all just dying to hear your intelligent rejoinder. Or something…

  • wondermann

    SM, don’t let these folks bother you.

  • marcus

    @SM: Can’t you find another group to terrorize? We all understand that your like a vampire who needs to feed off hating others because if there were no others you would only be left with your own miserable self (whatever you do stay away from the mirror) Your one sick cunt that cheesy infection you carry is oozing all over the place.

  • DelphKC

    You know, I love the guy, he inspires me and I trust him to do what he promised, but you know the fact that GBLT issues are lower on the importance scale than other things seems more an American issue than an Obama issue… Good example: didn’t even post this as main news until almost 1 am, when barely anybody was reading… I think it’s good we make noise just to make sure that what is already a low rung on the ladder doesn’t fall any lower…

  • DelphKC

    That said, I still think patience is the key word…

  • boq

    SM it has nothing to do with party for you. it is only your blind racism. if obama ran as Rep you would still have blindly followed your messiah. you are a sick racist who needs therapy. SM is a racist buffon.

  • michael

    @SM: Look, we get that your bat shit crazy. But really, get some help because your really pathetic, coming on here telling us what a martyr you are, what a loyal Democrat etc. etc. What you really are is a freak. The kind that is irrational, obsessive and does crazy, dangerous shit. I am beginning to think that somebody might need to turn your URL into the FBI and check you out. The fact that you have selected to spend an inordinate amount of time on a site like this is very disturbing. My guess is that you are bi-polar and delusional and have suffer from some kind of personality obsession with Obama and identify yourself so heavily as a Democrat in a very strange way because you have no sense of who you are. I am not saying being a Democrat means your a freak, its the icky, obsessive quality that you seem to have with it. Please get some help because people like you usually don’t end up well if they don’t. God let us pray you don’t have access to firearms.

  • TheBigotBasher

    Personally I do not care what some dirty PUMA bigots think of the President as they will always twist it anyway. If the President passes ENDA, repeal of DADT and DOMA (Clinton legislation) they will still say it is not enough.

    His time is one term. 2012 is a different time frame, with a different agenda. He may (probably will win that), but that is a new time frame. I want to see the current commitments met.

    It was a good speech. It bought time for him, not the officers in the Armed Services who serve under him though.

    I expect to see the family of Matthew Shepard back at the Whitehouse soon as well.

  • Zoe Brain

    Next time the Dems ask for funds, send them IOUs. Promises (non-binding) of financial support at some unspecified future time.

  • Shannon

    @bisexual and proud: I’m not SM, but I’ll answer the question anyway. His most signifigant accomplishment is that he has all ready spent more money than George Bush did in his entire eight years. He’s also honored his important campaign promise to buy Sasha and Malia a dog. Hooray!

    You can actually go over to Politifact and check his failures and accomplishments. There are 31 “promises kept” according to Politifact, the majority of them being laughably miniscule. Of the Top25 promises, he has only delivered on two of them. Here’s the link:

  • SM


    Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents of the United States. He knows what he is doing. He knows how and when to pick his battles. I bet he deals with many homphobic people behind the scenes that you never see on DADT issues and he sticks up for you. I’ve followed Obama long before anyone cared who he was. I knew he would be President years ago. People laughed and thought he could never win Iowa in the primaries.

    He is a Game Changer. Everyone who doubts that is weak.

    Let History judge Obama by his actions.

    Let History judge the LGBT Equality fight by their actions too.

    Be MAD at the people in Washington that do not support you or Obama at all.

  • SM


    Well aren’t you brilliant. FUCK YOU.

    No offense but go off Queerty and you can find many people who agree with me.

    Regarding the DOMA brief…

    “Randy Rhodes from Air America mentioned a very interesting point on her show the other week. She mentioned that it might just be that the Obama administration may have entered those horrible arguments into record against DOMA simply to have it put into Federal record, since those points had never been argued outside the State courts – and yet these were the very arguments that have been used to negate the objections to gay marriage at the State levels. Having these in Federal record may help to smooth the way for future legal action to repeal this law. This is an interesting theory”

    LGBT are just as nasty as the Religious Right. MANY OF YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU CLAIM TO HATE.

  • Shannon

    @SM: Wow, you are really ate up. It sounds like you buy your kool-aid in bulk. You can continue to daydream about all the heroic things that you think Oblahma is doing behind the scenes. Meanwhile, here in the real world, I’ll continue to denounce the Democrats while encourage my gay brothers and sisters to vote Libertarian.

  • edgyguy1426

    @Shannon: Great, site Shannon. Thanks

  • edgyguy1426

    @SM: I’m really beginning to doubt you have a gay brother and you’re doing this all for him. I’m thinking, like I’ve always thought, that you’re doing this (your Prop 8 work) for yourself and for recognition. Sometimes doing the right things for the wrong reasons is just as bad as doing nothing at all. You worked for Prop 8’s failure? Gee, thanks. It passed, and in your eyes, no thanks to us, BUT it galvanized the gay community like nothing in the recent past and may have been a blessing in disguise.
    You constantly complain about the whiners and complainers in here? Well guess what? Obama’s team put together that Stonewall luncheon so fast it nearly caused whiplash amongst his staff. Sometimes the squeaky wheel, no matter how painful the noise, gets the oil.

  • edgyguy1426

    oh, and Wondermann? As you know I’ve defended SM when she was rationally and forcefully making points(even though I didn’t agree with them)without resorting to name calling and debasing people here expressing their right to free speech as well. But I’m damned if I’m gonna come here and watch her bash my brothers and sisters who have stated they feel the need to hold the president accountable because of his perceived sloth on the issues. He may well have a plan, but this ‘great communicator’ has everyone in the dark as to what that plan entails. We might be able to exercize a little patience if there were some transparency here.

  • WillBFair

    Bill C started his term on our issue and was forced to back off and make the compromise. The community was still foaming at the mouth over this side issue blunder when Hillary could have used their support for healthcare. Maybe Obama is just making sure the laws are well done and the politcal enviroment in optimal. If he tries too soon and fails, you all will be seeing red again, like you already are now. Get a grip please.

  • schlukitz

    @bisexual and proud:

    Marriage IS part of BASIC RIGHTS, schmuck.

    How fucking rude of you to toss my rights under the bus while campaigning for yours. You sound just like a RRRRR picking out the good stuff from the bible, while ignoring the rest!

    Sure. You could give a flying fuck less about marriage because as a bi-sexual, the law does not allow you to marry one of each sex.(polygamy) So you just sit on the fence and commit yourself to no one while tossing other people’s rights in the shit can.

    “No government has the right to tell its citizens whom to love. The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody.” – Rita Mae Brown

  • schlukitz


    Why do you remind me so much of GetReal, another straight female (black) who never stopped telling us how hard she worked to get the LGBT community their rights and who got off on calling us ungrateful gays who disagreed with her, racists and pedophiles?

    Come to think of it, we haven’t been graced by her presence as of late.

    Did she morph into you?

  • Kid A

    @schlukitz: Actually, bisexuals care about marriage because they end up (shock) in same-sex relationships. If you honestly think that bisexuals just want to marry two people, then it’s sad that you can only see some of your LGBT brothers and sisters as a caricature.

    Bisexual and Proud’s point to me was that employment security is much more important than marriage, in terms of pure practicality.

  • schlukitz

    @Kid A:

    You say tomatoe and I say toh-mah-toe!

  • OrchidIslander

    @Jim: Did I miss something? When did Obama compare gays to [email protected]boq: You truly are a douche with nothing worthwhile to say as well as no apparent redeeming value.

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