Marlins’ Ozzie Guillen Defends Yunel Escobar’s Anti-Gay Slur: “For Us, It’s Funny”

I think he just did it for fun. I know he didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. Nobody is that stupid… In my house, we call [each other] that word every 20 seconds. I’ve got three kids—for us, it’s like ‘What’s up, bro? What’s up, dude?’ It’s how you say it and to who you say it. But that’s our country. We have to respect this country. Sometimes for us it’s funny, for other people it’s not.”

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen, defending Toronto Bluejays shortstop Yunel Escobar’s writing “tu ere maricon” (“you are a faggot”) on his eye block, in the Miami Herald. Gullen, who is Venezuelan, was reprimanded by the league in 2006 for calling  Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti “a fucking fag.

Photos: Keith Allison, James G; h/t: Towleroad.