Marriage Equality Ad In Washington Post Recalls “Loving V. Virginia” And Its Effect On Clarence Thomas

adWith the Supreme Court set to hear arguments on two marriage equality cases next week, LGBT-rights groups have been ramping up their marketing efforts.

Out Republican Fred Karger’s group, Rights Equal Rights, took out an ad on the Washington Post website reminding us that if not for the Court tossing anti-miscegenation laws in Loving v. Virginia, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas may not have been able to marry his wife, Virginia.

(Not that we’re big fans of Mrs. Thomas, who founded a right-wing think tank, Liberty Central, that’s in bed with the Family Research Council.)

“We are now on the cusp of full equality for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans,” said Karger, onetime Republican candidate for the presidency. “The parallels to the 1967 case Loving v. Virginia, that allowed interracial marriage in this country, are so striking, that we paid for this ad. We hope that the nine Justices of the Supreme Court will take this into consideration as they hear oral arguments next week and decide the “Case of the Century.”

The ad will run in the Washington Post for the next five days.


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