Marriage-Equality Bills Coming Up In Australia, But Support Is Disorganized

kangaroos-for-gay-marriage-cropIt’s great that Australia is finally coming around to gay marriage, but what the heck is up with their government’s bill-sponsoring process?

According to, four (4!) gay-marriage bills are scheduled to come up next Monday. Here’s the breakdown:

The Senate already is enquiring into a gay marriage bill presented by the Greens Sarah Hanson-Young.

Labor MP Stephen Jones will introduce the “official” private members bill—that is, one not officially sponsored by the Government—but certain to get preference in the House of Representatives on Monday.

However, the Greens Adam Bandt and independent Andrew Wilkie will jointly present a similar bill the same day.

In addition, Mr. Wilkie will propose legislation which would exempt religions from having to marry same sex partners.

Common sense would say all these new bills should be run as one, but Labor isn’t keen to support the Green and the independent.

Letting petty political differences divide you on an important social issue—good job, Australia. Stay tuned while all these bills bubble up, but don’t expect a vote anytime soon. That won’t happen until the second half of the year.

Photo via Josh Berglund