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Marriage Equality Is A Piece Of (Wedding) Cake

In all the spittle-flecked, hymn-humming, hair-tugging, petal-strewn pre-nuptial hysteria over how many gays should be allowed in a marriage—the happy homo couple or just the priest, the choirmaster, and the hairdresser—we’ve all overlooked something far more important. The big day. The wedding.

No aspect of our 21st-century lives is more parched of gayness than weddings. They are desperate for a fairy makeover. We heteros should be begging gays to come and give the best day of our lives a dressing-down by joining in.”

— Writer and critic A.A. Gill posits in Vanity Fair that if fairness and equality aren’t enough to sway the case for gay marriage, detractors should at least consider the wonders the gays could do to spruce up the institution of weddings — aside from planning them of course.