In The Fever Swamps

Marriage Equality Is Worse Than Sex Trafficking And Other Lunacies

Herewith our weekly tour of the right-wing fever swamps, where crazy ideas flourish in the hothouse atmosphere of homophobia. Our highlights include the horrors of dancing military commanders, the imminent legality of snuff films and why marriage equality is worse than sex trafficking.

WorldNetDaily (that middle word is off by one vowel) is a repository for all kinds of right-wing lunacy. So it’s no surprise the columnist Patrick Brady went on a tear about gays in the military. Brady advises youth not to enlist because” I would not give one drop of blood for the country and military we are becoming.” Brady reserves his biggest complaint about dancing, because we know how central that is to military preparedness. “Soldiers will see their chain of command dancing and romancing other men – or women, or both,” Brady frets. “The military will become a sexual and moral morass with readiness in shambles.” Depends on the music their playing.

Jerome Corsi–birther, conspiracy theorist and all-around nut–believes that gay rights will lead to the legalization of snuff films. In a rant totally unmoored from logic, Corsi warns that “if sex becomes disassociated from a biblical purpose, than all the abuses we saw in paganism are about to return.” He does not enumerate the pagan cultures that made snuff films, so we’ll just have to take his word for it.

Concerned Women for America president Penny Nance has her knickers in a twist because, even among Christians, marriage equality isn’t the driving issue it once was. Nance is appalled because evangelical youth are listening to “pastors and conservative politicians” who would rather take on issues other than marriage equality. Like sex-trafficking. “The time has come to decide whether you will be the David to this Goliath in our culture,” Nance warns young readers. “Are you willing to sacrifice your time to educate yourself on the statistics that back up our Biblical beliefs?” Hate to break it to you, Penny, but they already answered that question. Demographics are a bitch.

We all know Focus on the Family lacks for original ideas. But apparently it also lacks for original content. This week’s the group’s weekly commentary was originally published for its New Jersey chapter in February 2012. It’s the usual claptrap about how same-sex marriage harms kids.  “Parents have a right to raise their children according to moral codes, including those of the Western religious traditions, and our Western educational tradition indicates that children have a right to learn in environments where freedom of thought is respected,” the commentary insists. Not surprisingly, the commentary doesn’t concede that there might be more than one set of moral codes in the universe.

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