Hail Britannia

Marriage Equality On The Verge Of Becoming Law In The UK

The UK is moving closer to joining the ranks of nations with marriage equality. The House of Lords approved a marriage bill on Monday evening, clearing the last major hurdle for the law. Supporters of the measure wore pink carnations, and openly gay peer Lord Alli told the chamber, “My life and many others will be better today than it was yesterday.”

The bill goes back to the House of Commons for a final legislative review. Because the House of Commons already approved the bill by a lopsided 390-148 vote, the move is expected to be a formality. Once the measure is final, same-sex marriages would be legal next summer.

Like their American counterparts, right-wing opponents of marriage equality are complaining bitterly about their loss. Colin Hart, chairman of The Coalition for Marriage, warned prime minister David Cameron that he “needs to remember that the Coalition for Marriage has nearly 700,000 supporters, nearly six times the number of members of the Conservative party.” Hart said the new law “threatens one of the foundations of the institution of marriage: fidelity and faithfulness.” Yes, heterosexuals have done a whiz bang job there, as anyone who follows American politics knows.

Photo credit: UK Parliament