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The 8 Best Marriage Equality Videos From Around the World


With the release of the viral “It’s Time” marriage-equality PSA rending hearts across Australia and the world, we thought it might be time to collect some of the world’s best pro-gay-marriage videos. If these moving pieces doesn’t convince your friends to support marriage equality, we don’t know what to do for them.


Canada has legalized gay marriage for over five years now, and this adorable love story between an Ontario mountie and a Quebecois officer celebrates that. Note the ad wasn’t actually sanctioned by the Canadian government. It’s something of a joke placed between shows on Canadian television chronicling notable bits of Canuck history.


This touching piece shows the heart-wrenching effects of not allowing non-biological children to visit their LGBT mothers or fathers in the hospital.


While it’s not an ad, it certainly helped marriage equality in England when the Prime Minister David Cameron said, “I don’t support gay marriage in spite of being a conservative, I support gay marriage because I am a conservative.”

New York City

The daughter of a notoriously anti-gay president supports marriage equality in New York State. Is it too much to wish that she had done this while her dad was in office?

Los Angeles

Hollywood assembled some of its brightest, funniest stars for this hilarious musical parody of California’s Prop 8 battle. And then Dustin Lance Black went and tried to top it with his own Prop 8 play. Oh Dustin, you scalliwag!


Zach Wahls, a 19-year-old student, speaks to his state’s legislature about being raised by two moms. This nearly year-old video is making the viral rounds again, probably because Wahls speaks so eloquently or because he’s so dreamy.

The Golden Girls Nation


“Everyone wants someone to grow old with,” says Estelle Getty’s character Sophia. “And shouldn’t everyone have that chance?” Yes, Sophia. Yes they do. Even foul-mouthed, old ladies in nightgowns deserve some good, clean lesbian love.

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