Marriage Equality Wins In MD, ME, WA

Maine, Maryland and Washington may be a relatively small states. But a majority of their voters have big hearts. Today the three became the first to pass measures guaranteeing marriage equality for same-sex couples.

Maine will begin issuing marriage licenses in December, a kind of early LGBT Christmas. (At Queety’s bedtime, we were still awaiting marriage results in Minnesota.)

“Today, a majority in Maine voted in favor of loving and committed same-sex couples seeking the freedom to marry,” said Freedom to Marry National Campaign Director Marc Solomon. “Now the commitment gay and lesbian couples have made in life will be respected equally under the law, celebrated before their loved ones, and called what it is: marriage.”

It is interesting to note that Maryland and Maine are heavily Catholic, proving once again the hierarchy of the church does not speak for the parishioners in the pews. In fact, National Organization for Marriage leaders Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown, the Catholic anti-gay crusaders, have been bragging about never losing a marriage ballot measure.

That’s one line they will have to retire for good.




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