Marriage Lawsuits Keep Piling Up

What’s the hot new marriage trend for 2013? Litigation!

Following a decade(ish) of mostly-successful marriage lawsuits, more equality organizers than ever seem to be pinning their hopes on lawyers. In Pennsylvania alone, we’re up to three new suits: Governor Tom Corbett is suing pro-equality Montgomery County Clerk D. Bruce Hanes; one of the couples that Hanes married is suing Pennsylvania; and the ACLU is suing the state as well.

There’s never been a better time to rack up billable hours!

Meanwhile, things are heating up across the county as well: New Mexico will have its day in court in late October, at which point the state Supreme Court may grant marriage equality for the entire state (rather than for just eight counties, as it is now). And just a few days later, Hawaii will host a special legislative session, at which point they’ll have an opportunity to pass a marriage bill.

And with marriage equality working its way across the more liberal northern states, it’s time to start focusing on the redder areas: Kentucky now has a marriage lawsuit of its own.