Marriage Stance Boosts Arnold’s Gay Standing

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s the man of the gay news hour at the moment.

The Republican Governor of California caused a stir when he told the Log Cabin Republicans that he opposes an amendment banning gay marriage.

I will always be there to fight against that. I think we need a constitutional amendment so that a foreign-born (person) can run for president, but not against gay marriage. That would be a total waste of time.

Schwarzenegger has previously vetoes bills legalizing gay nuptials, which, of course, is in line with his Republican peers. Unlike other GOP members – like presidential candidate John McCain – Schwarzenegger says the Supreme Court should decide the legality of the situation.

The gays, of course, are thrilled about this turn of event. Equality California executive director Geoff Kors gushed, “This is extremely significant, and it’s an enormous event to have our Republican governor come out against this ballot measure, which is opposed by Democrats as well. It makes this opposition a bipartisan issue.” Social conservatives aren’t as enthusiastic, but that’s alright: society can evolve without them.