Marriages Have Begun In Hawaii, But One Lawmaker Is Still Trying To Stop Them

Hey, Hawaii couples. We have not yet received our invitation to your wedding and we are starting to think it might’ve gotten lost in the mail. Please re-send.

But seriously, congratulations on winning marriage equality at long long last. As of midnight on Monday, the state has begun accepting applications for wedding licenses from LGBT couples, and we are very very happy for you, even if you didn’t invite us.

Keep an eye on Representative Bob McDermott, though. He is definitely not happy for you. In fact, he just filed a new lawsuit to try to overturn the marriage equality bill. If he’s successful, it could mean the end of marriage in the state — and it’s really unclear what that would mean for all the couples that have already gotten married.

Fortunately, his chances of success are probably pretty slim. He claims that the law doesn’t permit the legislature to pass a marriage equality bill. But a lot of very canny political and legal minds vetted the marriage bill before it passed, and it seems unlikely that they would have missed a loophole like that.

Nevertheless, it’s something we should all be keeping an eye on.

Also in the news this week: two couples from Texas have filed a lawsuit against that state’s marriage ban; we have a trial date in Pennsylvania; and there’s a sale at Penney’s.