Married Closet Cases Share Their Deepest Longings For Man-On-Man Affection

It bears repeating: Life isn’t meant to be lived in a closet. It’s dark, cramped and smells like moth balls.

Living in the closet can make for a horrible reality, and luckily more and more people are choosing to step out into the wonderful land of “out.”

But the pressure to suppress your true identity is increased tenfold if you’ve already made milestone life decisions based on a lie you tell yourself and others. For married men, especially ones with kids, coming out can seem like an impossible choice.

We wanted to hear what it’s like for married men in the closet, and Whisper was on hand to deliver these unfortunate stories:

I go to the gym with my  gay mate and then we  have meaningless sex. I then return home to my wife and two children

I'm married but I can't  stop fantasizing about  my gay experiences in college

I look for gay sex on the internet but never follow thru because l don't want to be caught by my wife

I've been trying to tell my wife that I'm into guys but she doesn't believe it

I watch gay porn in bed to get off every night after having given my wife an orgasm.

I wish I grew up in todays society. . then I could have came out, now I'm married with kids.. way to deep in to come out now

I am trying to get the courage to come out as gay to my wife tonight.  I can't take this pain any longer.

I love my wife... but I think I might be gay... it's hard to perform & all my dreams are of being with a guy

I'm married, but I like to have dirty snapchat sessions with gay guys.

I think I might be gay, my wife thinks I'm just confused and trying to be different

I'm secretly gay and I'm afraid to tell my wife although I know she deserves better

I got married because I got her pregnant but I'm gay. I thought my baby should have a dad rather than weekend visits so a lifetime in the closet is horrible but my baby will have a good life and a good father

I want a good gay friend that would let me blow him on occasion but I'm scared my wife would find out.

I am a pastor of 1800 people and I am gay. My wife and church don't know it.

Today my son came out to my wife and I... little does he know, I'm gay as well

My wife doesn't know  when she's out of town  I go to the gay clubs  and let guys have their  way with me

My wife just came home early. Nearly caught me while I was watching gay porn wearing her pants.