Peeping Tom

Married father of two busted for spying on male colleagues in bathroom, blames it on bisexual urges

35-year-old Brent Hachborn says he didn’t mean to cause any trouble when he set up not one, not two, but three different spy cams in the men’s faculty bathroom at the James Hiller School in Ontario. He was only satisfying his latent bisexual urges, his lawyers argued.

The recordings were made between April 2015 and February 2016. Hachborn, a married father of two, was employed as a teacher at the school. Eventually, he was promoted to a vice principal position at a nearby school, but we would return to James Heller often to collect the tapes.

Several times a week, Hachborn would casually drop by to visit old co-workers and bring them coffee, then we would excuse himself to the bathroom, where he would swap out his cameras. He was caught after the battery on one of the cameras died and it started to make a beeping sound.

Police uncovered dozens of video recording and over 1,300 photographs featuring nine different adult men who worked at the school.

In March, Hachborn, now single and working in a restaurant kitchen, pled guilty to nine counts of voyeurism. His lawyer told the judge that his deep-seated “bisexual feelings,” along with repressed childhood sexual trauma, have left him with “an unfulfilled desire for oral sex with adult males,” which caused him to install the cameras.

On Thursday, Justice Robert Gee sentence him to eight months of house arrest, during which he can only leave for three hours on Saturday afternoons to shop for groceries or run errands.

Though prosecutors wanted Hachborn locked away for 15 to 18 months, the judge said the former educator had already paid a hefty price of his actions. Speaking to the court, Gee said:

Until Feb. 17, 2016, Brent Hachborn had it all. He was educated, married with two young children. He had been an elementary teacher at James Hillier for a number of years and was promoted within the school district. He was well-respected and admired, a homeowner who enjoyed a six-figure salary.

The judge added that Hachborn has suffered “consequences that will go beyond any sentence” of the court.

“His marriage has been destroyed by his behavior. He was respected, held an important position and could look forward to a good pension. Now he’s a pariah in the community he used to call home.”

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  • Mo Bro

    The phrase “blames it on” suggests he was being disingenuous in describing his motives.

    Having said that, any sicko who records someone taking a dump for a cheap thrill is bound to face some serious repercussions, so he’s deserving of his punishment.

  • JaredMacBride

    has nothing to do with being bisexual, has to do with him being a pervert.

  • ErikO

    He’s not bisexual he’s a pedo pervert.

    • Juanjo

      Well Erik, I agree he’s a pervert but since as the story states he had videos of men not underage boys, the pedo comment is inaccurate.

    • Shimata

      How is he a pedo when he only recorded grown men? Find a dictionary. And then go hunting for some common sense.

  • Rock Star

    Isn’t technology wonderful?

    • Sahara

      Except for the unfortunate beeping sound

    • NateOcean

      Note to self: Fresh batteries!

  • Chris

    We all have urges; but not all of us set up spy cams. Maybe if he’d been more honest with himself and pursued his sexuality in a less closeted manner things would have turned out differently. Here’s hoping he acknowledges his actions, pays his debt to society, and then rebuilds a life for himself; after all, it’s not as if he shot and killed someone.

  • Richard 55

    He’s a peeping tom but perhaps his overall predicament reflects liberal society’s discomfort with men who are switch-hitters. Women are especially bi-phobic to the male version of bisexuality.

    Canada, being a liberal country, is far more accepting of female bisexuality than male bisexuality. All liberals are. They fear male bisexuality because it dis-empowers their most valuable asset- ie the illusion of the “empowered” woman.

    Nothing hurts a liberal more than ruining their illusions.

    • 1EqualityUSA

      You can’t hide your brian eyes

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Maybe someone should mention that the journalistic shorthand term “Married father of two” no longer automatically means the subject was married to a woman.

  • MediaGuy

    This is a shame. I cannot imagine the cringe-worthy humiliation this guy is feeling. And, he brought this on his wife and family. Oh, God.

    Publicity. It’s the one thing that prevents me from shop lifting the large size bag of Friskies cat food from Stop N Shop. Otherwise I would. Read the headline, “Father, Selectman, Special Olympics board member, community organizer, Trump supporter, deacon at St. Mary RC church arraigned for stealing cat food”. OMG, I’ll pay for it, seriously, just the thought makes me crawl with embarrassment. No amount of denial would ever convince anyone it was an oversight. But the fantasy of doing it and getting away with it is somehow

    • MediaGuy

      … very satisfying.

    • Mo Bro

      You have fantasies of thievery?
      Wow. That’s . . . disappointing.
      Learn to use your powers for good instead of evil, MG.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      “the large size bag of Friskies cat food”… that’s overly ambitious to shoplift unless you want to pretend to be a fat person at Walmart (i.e. wear “fat clothes” and stuff the bag in there).

      Why don’t you start with the smaller bags?

    • MediaGuy

      Heywood. Hahahaha. Walmart fatso eats cat food.

      I like the challenge of the large size Friskies. I think it’s the 16# size. But, as you say, IDK how to pull it off, so it probably won’t ever happen. That’s also why this is an endlessly pleasing fantasy b/c there is no clear path to success. Of course I fantasize about other tings like getting some dick, but that’s nothing compared to Friskies Ocean Fish flavor. Haahahaaa.

    • Mo Bro

      Like gambling or shopping or overeating, sex isn’t so much an addiction as it is a compulsion. Those who abstain don’t suffer physical withdrawal, as do alcoholics and drug addicts—they simply feel compelled to continue their behavior because it pleases them.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    He’s inconsiderate and stole privacy from others for his pleasure. He’ll soon be working the streets, sublimating his inner desire to a new career.

  • Ryan Field

    I know it shouldn’t matter whether he’s married to a man or a woman. He’s a creep no matter what. But I think it’s nice to point out these little details now that same sex marriage is legal.

  • kent25

    Sure he’s married to a woman or he wouldn’t have said Bisexual urges. What the Hell is up with the bisexual men. Once you take a wife and have a family what makes you think it’s ok to watch other men. You should ignore those urges and leave the past behind. No woman want her husband lusting after men. Be a husband to your wife and a father to your kids. If you want to watch men look at some porn, Straight porn.

    • Shimata

      This dude is definitely a creep, but who the hell are you to tell someone what they should do? What a judgemental piece of excrement. You don’t just “turn off” your bisexuality based on the gender of your partner, you twit. How about you ignore your urges? What a stupid thing for you to say.

  • Kenney G

    I can believe it, Those bi men want to act like loving husbands and fathers at home , but when away from home and around men they turn into some freaks . Now you can’t take a leak without one looking at your junk.

  • Kenney G

    they can’t lie and say he’s gay. Gay men don’t marry women and father children, So yes he’s bi and should be shamed for watching me in the restroom Perverts

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