Married Harlem Principal Faces Firing For Not Wanting Lesbian Ex To Kill Her

Crystal Simmons, the founding principal of the Academy for Social Action school in Harlem, was ousted from her post after complaining to the Department of Education that her ex-partner Candy Jones — an assistant principal — allegedly threatened to kill her. And what will Simmons receive for trying to stay alive? Possible removal from her post, with school officials claiming the pair’s lesbian affair included sex during school hours.

The relationship (which lasted for a summer or two years, depending on which woman you ask) supposedly went awry when Jones went on vacation with another woman last summer, prompting Simmons to record all of Jones’ “unsatisfactory” work performance, which culminated in a negative job review.

Not surprisingly, Jones wasn’t thrilled with her ex’s attempt to push her out of a job and allegedly told a school staffer she would kill Simmons — who is married to a man — if Jones was fired. After all, “it was easy to purchase a gun down south.” Jones says she was kidding. The NYPD never moved forward with its investigation because there were no witnesses to the harassment (uh, what about the school staffer Jones spoke to?).

But the school district is engaged in an investigation of its own, which could see both women kicked out of their positions; for now they’ve each been reassigned. The pair engaged in “intimate conduct in the school during school hours,” the city’s special commissioner of investigation says in a report. Such a missed opportunity, too; think of how many bullies they could’ve been fighting.