Married Man Freaks Out After Discovering Stolen Private Pics On Grindr

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“So my wife was out of town last week and I was feeling a little frisky,” the Reddit confession begins.

That’s usually when these things happen, isn’t it? The wife’s out of town. The husband’s feeling lonely. One thing leads to another and…

“I had just gotten out of the shower and wanted to revel in my manhood,” the confession continues, “so I did what felt natural, I stood in front of my full length mirror and took a nude selfie.”

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The husband was going to send the photo to his wife, but decided against it and ultimately deleted it from his phone. A week later, a stranger sent him a friend request on Facebook. The request was accompanied by a cryptic message: “Not sure but pretty sure someone is faking being you on Grindr.”

Naturally, the husband started to panic. He asked the man to send him a screenshot of the fake profile. He did. And that’s when the nightmare truly became a reality.

“You guessed it, there’s a screenshot of me in all my glory in the same photo I had taken the week prior,” he says. “At this point I’m freaking out hardcore wondering how this could even happen?!”

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After doing some sleuthing, the husband learned he had accidentally uploaded his x-rated selfie to the internet for the whole entire world to see.

“I had my phone set so that any photos I took on it auto uploaded to my google photos which I THOUGHT was a private album by default,” he explains. “I look in there and see the photo.”

“I immediately deleted it,” he continues. “I then deleted every other photo off my cloud account immediately and went crazy locking down all my other social media accounts too just in case.”

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The nightmare, of course, isn’t over. Because the husband, still reeling from the shock, says there some important questions remain unanswered.

“How did the person know my Facebook profile name?” he wonders. “I really want to know that one because the last thing I need is my naked body floating around the internet being tied to my Facebook account.”

As for his wife, he decided that honestly was the best policy and told her everything. Luckily, she sees the humor in the situation.

“Now she won’t stop calling me ‘Porn Star’ at the house,” the husband writes. “FML.”

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