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Marriott Continues to Cash In on Reparative Therapy. Time to Boycott?


Doug Manchester’s Hyatt hotels aren’t the only accommodations facing threats from the gays. Marriott is also making new enemies, thanks to its hosting of Exodus International’s upcoming get-together.

The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality — which bills itself as a legitimate scientific enterprise, though it’s chock full of scientific deniers — will hold the 2009 NARTH Convention & Training Institute in West Palm Beach at Marriot’s hotel there next month. Yes, that’s where they teach everyone how awesome reparative therapy is! (Rooms are just $109 a night!)

And it’s got at least one email-equipped opponent furious.


Technology exec Dr. Sasha von Stahl forwards this email he sent to Bill Marriott, the hotel giant’s chief executive. We doubt it’s the only one he’ll receive.

I am appalled by Marriott International’s decision to provide
locations and thereby shelter for events of the “National Association
for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality” which considers
Homosexuality a psychological disorder which can be “cured”…

(2009 NARTH Convention & Training Institute November 20, 21, and 22,
2009 – The West Palm Beach Marriott Hotel, West Palm Beach, Florida)

You might say that NARTH are just “paying customers” for Marriott, but
I seriously doubt that Marriott would accept the annual convention of
the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) as a paying guest in their convention hotels…

Hotel owners have indeed a choice and are free to pass up business
which is likely to damage the company in any way, and if Marriott
management emphasizes “diversity” as claimed here


then Marriott should make the choice of forgoing the revenue sourced
by providing shelter for an organization which effectively
disenfranchises, insults, and sidelines gay associates and customers
by branding them as “sick” against the clear opinion of any and all
serious scientists and professionals, such as the American
Psychological Association (APA)


If Marriott would like to be considered a company embracing diversity
instead of hiding behind a very hypocritical definition thereof, then
Marriott can not provide shelter for organizations engaging in the
defamation and vile mislabeling of a community Marriott supposedly

Until Marriott fulfills its commitment to diversity, events like the
one mentioned in this message will only draw widespread negative
publicity to Marriott by ways of thousands of blog posts all over the
internet, picket lines and formal protests with the Marriott logo in
good view of TV cameras, and a general avoidance by well paying guests
and companies who do not wish to be associated with the fomentation of
bias and subsequently hate.

It is my sincere hope that the profit Marriott hoped to generate from
sheltering this event will be lowered or eliminated by the cost of
added security due to the demonstrations, protests, and picket lines
this event will bring to your West Palm Beach location. It most
certainly will by the loss your company will experience due to the
avoidance of your hotels by the hundreds of thousands of internet
users who will read all the negative blog posts and press articles
leading up to this event.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Mariott has heard from angry gays over its involvement with NARTH. The company, which just posted a $466 million quarterly los, in 2007 dealt with Truth Wins Out over NARTH’s conference at a Dallas Marriott.

San Diego hotelier Doug Manchester sent Prop 8 supporters a $125,000 check to help the cause, and now the gays are refusing to give him any of their business — and harping on organizations (like the American Bar Association) that still do. Time to add Marriott to the list?