Martin Shkreli Resents Being Labeled “Pharma Bro,” Says You’re All Just A Bunch Of Haters


Like a bad case of herpes, Martin Shkreli is back. Again.

The 32-year-old rabble rouser sat down with FOX5-TV for an exclusive interview this week and, guess what? Despite all the bad press, losing $15 million, being fired from his own company, getting arrested by the FBI, and being charged with securities fraud, he’s still a total douchebag.

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Shkreli began the interview by addressing his nickname “Pharma Bro,” which he says couldn’t be a more inaccurate description of him.

“I’m not a ‘pharma bro’,” he claimed. “This is a name that got started when there was a picture I took that was meant to be ironic of me in these sun glasses and listening to a rap song, making sort of a funny hand signal.”

“The reason I took the picture was, I’m never like that,” he continued. “We take photos when we’re doing unusual things.”

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And as for those of you who think he cares more about money than he does about humanity, Shkreli says you’re just a bunch of miserable curmudgeons looking for someone to demonize.

“For most people the hate is sort of this quick reaction,” he told Fox 5. “It’s something they’re looking for. They’re looking for someone to hate and if I fit that mold I almost feel I’m serving some sort of utility for them to feel that hate for me.”

Finally, about that whole FBI arrest last month, Shrkeli says the feds can suck it.

“It’s all fictitious,” he said. “The government’s case is fictitious.”

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One thing that is certainly not “fictitious” is the official subpoena he just received from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Though, in true Pharma-bro fashion, Shkreli is treating the whole thing as a joke, calling the government’s efforts “whining” and comparing the hearing to “chit chat.”

Here are some of his tweets regarding the matter:

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