Martina Steers Career In Geriatric Direction

Martina Navratilova may have retired from professional tennis, but she’s still using her skills for the greater, older good. The 51-year old lesbian recently signed on as AARP’s “health and fitness ambassador”. The Advocate serves up the details:

Navratilova will encourage AARP’s 39 million members to stay active.

Starting in January, will offer health tips and exercise routines that Navratilova will help formulate. An AARP release also stated that the tennis star will be participating in various AARP events throughout the coming year.

[Said Navratilova] “I think we have a tendency to look for quick fixes and easy solutions to leading healthy, active lifestyles, and my goal is to let my generation know that though staying fit takes work, it’s just as important now — if not more — than ever before.”

That’s right: geezers need their stamina to outrun death.